My amazing day! (from seminar to salsa)

Today has been the most amazing day! Having arrived a few days ago for my Accelerate conference in Delray Beach Florida, (gave myself time to recover first) we started the conference this morning, and over breakfast there were some fantastic conversations. Over the course of the day I’ve so far met people from not only the various states of the US, but Canada, New Zealand, other bits of Australia, Hungary, and even South Africa! There are some fascinating people here – I’m loving it… The day ended with – of all things – an unexpected cha cha lesson! Remember that bit in my video affirmation about going to bed knowing I’d given the day my absolute all? Well, tonight I will be, and it feels great.

This part of the seminar is on developing the personal skills for success, which of course is right up my alley being addicted to personal development in a serious way. We covered everything from software tools to speed reading – and there’s even more coming tomorrow. I’ve even got some homework waiting for me once I finish this off. Rich Schefren gave some great tips on productivity in a wired world, MOST of which I’ll be able to use in Australia (although we’re not quite to the same standards in connectivity as over here so not all of it will apply)

I’ve also got a bit of a reading list developing, so it’s handy I’m now getting the tools to get through it quicker and more effectively! He even spoke on overcoming the demon of procrastination – something that I personally used to fight. He gave us a reading on it – The Now Habit– which I’m going to try to track down while I’m here since books are so much cheaper that haven’t had to be shipped across the pacific. He didn’t mention my own personal favourite reading on the topic, a brilliantly titled book called “Procrastinate Later!”. Don’t remember who it’s by, but I loved it so much from the library that I set up an ebay search for it and waited a good six months to grab it (it wasn’t in the Australian bookstores at the time). It helped me enormously, and sometimes when I’m tempted to fall back on old ways all I need to do is remember it’s there – the title alone brings a smile to my face and is enough for me to get me going again without needing to pull it out and go further…

Once we finished up I had to head down the road – this place is incredibly friendly. The shuttle driver from yesterday, who it turns out has a nephew going to University at my home town in Australia, saw me walking up the road to the bank and pulled over to say hi and give me a lift the one block distance to the ATM. In this heat, I wasn’t going to knock back an air conditioned trip, but then I headed across the road to a store I had gone into the first day here. When they found out I was looking for larger size clothes, even though they didn’t have any at the time, one lady there told me she had some in a thrift store she knew of and offered to bring them over for me to try on Thursday (today).

So, after picking up a bit more cash, I headed over there, and in addition to the warmest welcome (kinda appropriate here) was given margaritas and offered corn chips and salsa. They have a weekly Salsa night there, and it’s not just corn chips either – there was a free dance lesson involved! Not being highly conversant with any form of dance except the belly dancing I did at University, they decided to do something different and went with cha cha lessons instead. Wow. Great fun, my calves are killing me, and it’s the first time I’ve ever come out of a change room after not fitting into a few things and left the store feeling SKINNIER!!! I did fit into some lovely stuff, though, and they are the nicest people. If you are in the vicinity of Delray Beach, it runs every Thursday at Absolute Paris on East Atlantic Avenue, and I’ve got to say it’s the most active (and fun) clothes shopping I’ve EVER done – all two hours of it. If I did that every week, it wouldn’t be long before I wouldn’t be needing larger sizes anymore, I think!!! In a world where customer service standards seem to be continuously dropping, it was just the most amazing experience to get that level of care and service.

I came back to the hotel pretty much beet red in the face but wearing a huge grin, noticed some people in the bar from the conference, tossed up coming back down after dropping off my bags but thought I’d rather come back to the room and get my homework done than network for its own sake – I’ve already met some great people today and there’s still the rest of the weekend to meet more, I’d rather take the time to remember the details and build more solid relationships than collect cards that haven’t got as much meaning attached. So, I’m up here, journalling my amazing day and getting ready to get stuck into reviewing my first days notes and do the homework.

After a day like that, I’m wondering what on earth tomorrow could possibly bring!!!

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