Moving on from Adelaide.

by Crystal N on July 24, 2008

I realised looking back at some of these posts that I really fell down in terms of my goal of keeping positive while I was on holiday. Big lesson. Expectations are BAD. Disappointments only ever result from holding ones that are different to reality, so I created my own disappointments. That said, I did, actually, have a good time there. I just found it a major shock, since I was expecting a major city. Adelaide isn’t that. To give it a fair go, it did have a lot of good points, and if I hadn’t been thinking/planning a trip around the tours & sightseeing things he loves, the laid back lifestyle is something I normally enjoy. So, I shot myself in the foot. Adelaide, I’m sorry.

On the bright side, what I originally said about it giving me a whole new appreciation for all the facilities and options back home in Wollongong is still true. Absence, in this case, did make the heart grow fonder. As always, the best part of any trip is always coming home. So, now to sum up the HIGHLIGHTS of my time away, so I can move on and let it go:

  • We did just about the entire repertoire of day trips available, and it only took us 3 1/2 days
  • We had one day to please ourselves (I’m not counting the days we travelled) when we saw more of Glenelg than we planned after the trams were shut down outside the city/town.
  • I discovered that if you’re a chocolate lover and not particularly wanting to diet, this place is heaven. There wasn’t a single tour, town or even cbd street that didn’t seem to have another chocolate shop of some description.
  • We had a FANTASTIC hotel – both the rooms we stayed in were great
  • I got better at using my camera. Lots better.
  • I had a cruise. I like cruises.
  • We had a second ‘annivarsary dinner’ when we got back since I’d not been able to go out that night after walking myself sore during the day. Bonus! (and we discovered a wooden giraffe that had been shot in the leg and bandaged up again in the local indian restaurant)
  • I did love the bronze pig statues in Rundle St Mall! Especially the one up on the bin…
  • It may have been a small CBD, but being on crutches that was probably a good thing
  • The break did me good, and allowing myself to be treated on this (he spoilt me) was definitely something I needed to learn how to do! Major evolutionary step in allowing abundance into my life, I think.
  • Early nights fit right in with what I needed and wanted. It was more restful than a lot of other places would have been, and he got what he wanted when he started brushing shoulders with celebrities there for the cabaret festival.
  • I discovered I’m a bit of a wine snob. I didn’t like a lot of the old vine Shiraz they had on offer in the tastings, and I could actually feel comfortable saying that. (I do, however, LOVE Margaret River Shiraz. Verse 1 is my all time favourite!) I also discovered Aussie dukkah – sounds like a contradiction but tastes VERY nice. Got it from the almond train down there (look it up) and am still enjoying it.

So, I’m very grateful for having had my little break away to Adelaide. Next time I go away I’ll be a lot more careful about keeping an open mind as to what I’ll see, I think, but overall it was a good time. And I even kept away from (most) of the chocolate shops!!! Most, I said…  The cafe at Glenelg had a white chocolate drink that tasted like white chocolate chai.  Mmm.  Two of my favourite tastes.

Glenelg chocolate shop Was there anywhere in Adelaide that DIDN'T have a chocolate shop?

…and just down the road were these cute meringue animals (that I didn’t eat)

Cute Meringue animals at Glenelg

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