More luck – life is GOOD!

by Crystal N on April 27, 2008

There’s a newsagent directly opposite where I get off the train at my new workplace. It’s called “Angels Newsagent” so when one of our jackpot lotteries hit the magic $15 million mark, I decided that was where I was going to get my ticket in it. Well, the $15M didn’t go off, so then I had to buy a ticket in the $20M draw the following week. Surprise, it jumped up to $30M. This week, it’s at the highest EVER amount for that lottery, at FORTY MILLION DOLLARS!!! When I went in to buy my ticket, though, I decided to run through the ones I’d bought the last few weeks.It was so much fun watching a ticket go through, he’d say “that one’s alright”, then run through the next “that one’s good, too”, and a THIRD went through with another small prize on it. He was disappointed when the fourth and last one didn’t end up with any win, and complained “I was getting into a rhythm there!” Needless to say, the winnings were even a little over what I was spending to go into this week’s draw. I’m getting luckier! (or am I still getting money coming in to cover the monitor from the 30 day trial??)

Oh boy is winning a great feeling. Definitely a good luck day! Hmm. Since that was 3 weeks worth of draws, does that mean that every week for the last 3 has been good luck for me???

Fingers crossed that draw falls on a weekly lucky day, and I get an even better payout next week! ‘

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