Mind Control Part I

There’s a guardian angel in my library.  Whoever it is seems to get me to pull out the books I most need, just when I need them.

Last night, for some reason, I just had to re-read “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman.  I remembered that I loved it, (and that one day I’d love to write something in the same style), but as often happens when I feel prompted to re-read a particular book, I got something totally different this time.  Actually, it set me up to realise the truth of something I’d known intellectually for a long time.

My mind is my nemesis.

The reason I struggle so much – with weight, success, exercise and pretty much everything else – is because I’ve built it up to be so powerful.  I’ve learnt to feed it, better than I’ve learnt to feed myself.  I’ve learnt how to use it, a bit.  I’ve learnt how to ignore it to some extent when I need to sleep and it just won’t shut up, but what I’ve NEVER learnt, is how to control it.

I found myself walking down the street after finishing the book, heading to buy something I knew my body didn’t particularly need me to eat, and which would undo a lot of the hard work I’d been putting in on losing weight.  I realised that it was purely my mind driving this craving, sabotaging my efforts.  A quick look back in time and I realised that virtually none of the cravings I’ve battled have come from my tastebuds or my stomach.  They’ve all come from my mind.  Argh!!!

So, as of immediately, my daily exercise routine (which it’s also been sabotaging, and after reading the book I know why) is expanded to include meditation, as a first step to gaining control over my highly overactive, noisy mind.

Anyone out there know a modern, Australian based version of Dan’s Socrates I can get some help from?

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