Losing weight for charity

It amazes me how many people think that if you’re vegetarian, you’re automatically healthy and skinny. NOT. Guess what? Most desserts and sweet garbage doesn’t have meat in it. I can have a diet of potato chips, chocolate and icecream and it’s still vegetarian. So, needless to say, because I do like most of those things (is there anyone honest out there that doesn’t?) and grew up without a clue of how to balance my diet, I’m at least twice the woman of anyone on TV!!! (except for the other Biggest Loser contestants, of course, but only at the START of the show 😉

I discovered through one of the many weight loss programs I’ve tried that I really needed to have some kind of protein, and when I did, I got fuller a lot quicker, and didn’t eat as much of the rest of the meal. Plus as an added bonus I tended to snack less. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough, and as at the date I started on the Biggest Loser club, when I changed my scales over to pounds to join up, I weighed 291 pounds. I knew that was a lot, but then I clicked them back to kilos and discovered it was 132!!! Argh – never weighed that much in my life.

Anyway, I’ve now dedicated myself to losing it, one pound at a time. I may not have been accepted to go on the show now it’s come downunder to Australia (I tried) but that doesn’t mean I can’t do it myself, and thanks to the club I feel I’ve got the support and resources I need to get there. Helps that their diet program lets you say you’re vegetarian, and doesn’t just spit out a normal menu then tell you to make substitutions, like some other weight loss programs I won’t name and didn’t do very well on…

The kicker is, I’m going to do this, but I want to have the biggest reason I can to get there. Maybe I’m not in the running for $250,000 or whatever the prize was going to be, but I can put something else in place. I want sponsors. It was never about me making money, though, so the money I raise is NOT going to go to me – I intend to donate it to World Vision, and to Barnardos, which is an Australian charity for kids, especially abused ones. They both do great work, so I couldn’t decide between them. So, I’m calling for sponsors – per pound or per kilo, I would like you to reply to my posts here with your commitment. I’ll be doing my final weigh in at the time the show final airs on TV here, and it starts in Feb/March 2006 and I think it runs for about 3 months? (gives you plenty of time to save…)

I have a paypal account I’ll be using to collect, and I’ll guarantee you a post with the picture of the final cheques I raise. How about it?


Update Oct 2008: I never did get any interest in this, so although I lost a bit of weight, the next few years had so much going on in terms of stress and pressure that I ended up bigger than I started (again).  Shame 🙁

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