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by Crystal N on January 12, 2006

Yesterday and today I started calling mortgage brokers to find out about what kind of loan I’d be able to get if I went for my own place. Turns out that I’m qualified to go well over the range I’ve been looking at, but if I want easy repayments that fit within what I’m earning now, I’m looking about the right range. If I negotiate a good deal, even better, I’ll have MORE money free than I currently do with saving for my deposit!!! So, I’m no longer chasing two rabbits – looking at rental properties is going to be a fall back plan when there’s only a few weeks to go. I also hope to arrange that if I run over time I may be able to store my stuff and stay with someone for a couple weeks – yet to check who would be willing to let me stay, though. I think it’s important to have that kind of security so that I don’t end up feeling like I’m time crunched on looking for my place.

On the weight loss front, I’ve pretty much only been following the Biggest Loser diet for the past few days, plus heaps of walking checking stuff out, and I’m regaining ground on my jump last week. It’s disheartening losing the same weight you’ve already lost, and still staying above your lowest, but I figure if I keep at it then eventually I’ll start making real progress again. It’s not an option to give up and let it pile back on – not at all.

I’ve rearranged my work desk in line with the OHS recommendations, so that when the bigger monitor comes we won’t have to move it anywhere – looking forward to that. Went to the dr last night about my vision going blurry again – he latched on to a single word – “headaches” and ignored every other symptom I mentioned. Most insistent that I couldn’t possibly have a headache that lasted a week and a half, even though I have. Bizarre. Wants to send me for a cat scan just in case. I’m getting a second opinion when my regular doctor comes back tomorrow.

So, now I need to set out my plan of attack for getting everything packed up at this place. Will work through one room at a time, I think, and the back room is the first one. Then, of course, I need to see how much I can physically load onto ebay in a single session, and work out how much time that’s going to consume. The first lot have been going well, and should make a nice dent in a few bills for me, but those were high ticket items mostly, and the books I’ve got are more a quantity thing. Maybe I should load them as bulk lots, and just be done with it!


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