Life in the Shadows of Reality

by Crystal on October 22, 2009

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EnergyYou know the saying “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”?  Well, I’ve had a course sitting gathering digital dust for a few years now, but the other day I heard that it had been totally reworked, and I went back to have a look at it.  I was pleasantly surprised how easy the new format was to follow, so I started going through it again (partly so I could click on the ‘done’ button and see the duck graphics, I admit)

I always knew the Wealth Beyond Reason course was a treasure trove of information on the Law of Attraction, and specifically, manifesting money.  There was so much stuff in it that there was no question of value in my mind – the issue had always been that sense of overwhelm, feeling like that first step was too big to tackle.

Those big steps got broken down to bite size chunks in the new format, and I’m devouring it like nothing before.  Today, I finished off the manual, and read a short daily handbook – and my mind is feeling blown away.  Which is probably just as well, since I’ve learnt that my mind is exactly what’s been holding me back from manifesting what I’ve been trying so hard to create for myself. I’m so excited I want to share some of the ‘take-aways’ I’ve had with you…

First, I have a new appreciation for how plastic and malleable ‘reality’ is.  We know that TV and movies are only made up of dots and frames, cycling fast enough that we don’t see the gaps between them.  Well, so’s everything else!  Take the red pill and discover that your world is literally an illusion.  See the spaces in between ‘matter’ and you glimpse the void of creation.  NOTHING you see around you is solid, let alone permanent.  It can all change in an instant.

Reality ONLY exists in the moment.  Now.  When you manage to immerse yourself purely in the moment, you are linked to the single unified energy field that permeates everything.  You’re also in the only place where you can experience Joy and Happiness.  You can’t be happy tomorrow, you can only ever be happy here and now.  But only if you’re there to feel it, instead of stuck in your mind thinking about it.

That constant stream of thoughts running through your head is your ego trying to distract you from claiming that power of connection.  Dragging your attention to the past or future is literally unplugging you from the energy of the universe – it’s no wonder kids have seemingly unlimited power on tap, and that as we let go of that joy of playing and start spending time thinking about what’s to come, and what’s gone before, we start to age and energy becomes a struggle.  Your thoughts are stealing your attention away from your life, and your life away from you.

Descartes had it wrong when he said “I think, therefore I am”.  While you are thinking, you are not being.  Our calling is not to be “human thinkings”, but “Human BEINGS”.

I’m loving this new look WBR 2.0 program!

PS The activities I’m doing for this are going to fit so well into “Nurture November”.

  • Life in the Shadows of Reality

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Gerlaine October 23, 2009 at 12:06 am

Crystal, Thoughts do interrupt the state of being, but thinking creates the illusion of the world that we live in and that is important as well.

We are when we think, just as much as we “be” when we are not thinking. So I do “think therefore I am…” whatever I want to be.

To live our lives we must have identity (ego) and this identity must think and so at that moment that is who we are. You not only are what you eat, but you are what you think.

We can change that at any moment that we desire. I can be a lawyer today and begin taking doctor classes tomorrow. It is just a matter of me changing those blasted thoughts. ;) ~ with love


Andrew @ October 22, 2009 at 10:04 pm

I have several courses sitting on my shelf collecting dust because they are just too big to start! I am much more inclined to start something when I know it’s delivered in small bite-sized chunks.

A reminder for all those product creators out there!



Gerlaine October 23, 2009 at 12:01 am

I have done the same with many courses, as well. You both speak the truth. This is a great tip for any product creators.


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