Lessons I took from Round 1 NextInternetMillionaire

by Crystal N on June 11, 2007

Well, I wasn’t one of the final fifty, but that doesn’t mean I got nothing out of the competition. First and foremost, I need to thank all those people who got behind me and helped me get 259 votes in just TWO DAYS. That’s incredible! Your efforts are very much appreciated and I’m once again convinced that nobody accomplishes anything important by themselves – it takes help and support from the people around you, so true wealth isn’t money but the links you have to other people whose lives you touch.

Anyway, enough metaphysical stuff. My gratitude goes out to everyone who voted for me and encouraged me, and in that spirit I want to share what I learnt from the experience.

  • Passion can move mountains. I would never have believed I could have got so much support in such a short time, but I really (REALLY) wanted this, and that helped motivate me to take any and all steps I could. Things I’ve never done before – sending out press releases, talking on the radio (well, ok, I’ve done that one before, but not to promote something), even handing out flyers on the train to work in the morning. Fear and embarrassment just went out the window in the face of what I hoped to achieve. Which brings me to the next point.
  • Goals are a miraculous thing. It was only once I researched how many clicks the leader had, and set my own goal that things started really moving. Once I had a fixed and measurable target to go for, every ounce of energy I had just poured in that direction. It was an amazing experience, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. Now I know why people find marketing so addictive!
  • Finally, taking action changes you. There are no end of excuses you can use, beliefs about your chances that can hold you back from going for the things you want. But when you decide you are going to go for it, no holds barred, you grow and change in ways that can’t be undone. I’m not the same person I was two weeks ago, before I found this competition. Maybe I’m not being flown to Colorado, but hey, that doesn’t mean I’m not a winner. I really, truly feel as though I’ve taken my first step on the road to reaching that dream of learning how to be an Internet Millionaire and sharing it with others who want to stop throwing such large chunks of their lives away on a public transport system that regularly steals even more of it…

So, shortly I’ll be adding a video link along these same lines to You-Tube (yes, this HAS created a monster…) and you’ll be able to hear my thoughts person to person. Meanwhile, if you’ve got a goal, I heartily recommend letting go the fear of what could happen and just GO FOR IT!

Best Wishes, Crystal

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