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iStock_000004048538XSmall “Take care.”  It’s what you say to the people you love, right?  It’s meant to show caring and concern, but does it really?

Life can be lived one of two ways.  Carefully, or Adventurously.

Of two people who follow the two different paths, who do you think has the most fun?  Who do you think accomplishes the most?  Who do you suspect goes to bed with a greater sense of satisfaction and fulfilment?

The one who always takes the safe, proven path has zero chance of blazing a new trail.  Following what everyone else does, playing it carefully, means you can be almost certain of where you’ll end up.

Exactly where everyone else has.

With a life just like everyone else complains about.

Do you really want your friends, family and/or children always to take the safe, cautious approach?  Would you really want them to pass up incredible opportunities that come their way because they involved risk, as they always do?  Why is it we urge people to take care, instead of telling them to leap full on into life?

This weekend has been amazing for me.  I felt prompted to take a big chance, and I acted on that impulse and made a life-changing decision.  I took a leap into the unknown, into risky territory, and in one day my whole outlook has changed.

I’m no longer committed to ‘taking care’.

I have never felt so alive, so absolutely full of breath, energy and joy, as I have this weekend.  I feel as though I tread the yellow brick road, and those bricks are buzzing with electricity, shooting through me with every step.  I’ve finally stepped off the safe path and onto the path of living my dreams.  I’m living with risks that I’ve chosen to take, but the key word in that sentence isn’t risk.  It’s “LIVING”.

Even if it doesn’t pay off and I take a fall, like a child learning to walk I have no intention of giving up and settling for crawling anymore.  I’ll get up and jump again.  And again.  Until I don’t fall anymore.

“Taking care” no longer sounds like something I want to tell anybody to do.  Instead I want to shout to everyone to forget about the safe, cautious, deadening path.  That’s no way to live.  Leap off it. Jump into what you want to do – someway, somehow.  Find the edge of the well-beaten track and take a step away from it in the direction your heart tells you to go.

Your life awaits you.  Go Jump!

PS Thanks Yaro for helping it happen 😉

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  • Crystal April 1, 2010 at 4:46 pm

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  • Gerlaine October 26, 2009 at 11:54 pm

    I know exactly how you feel. I every morning I wake up and jump off the cliff and hope that my wings show up so that I can fly. It is a sweet feeling. At this moment I realized, I don’t tell people to take care or be safe anymore. Just… Later…

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