Julia Gillard Takes the Reins

Julia Gillard

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We’ve had a female deputy PM, acting PM, a female Governor General, and now it’s official.  Julia Gillard has taken the Reins.

It’s a sad thing that circumstances forced Kevin Rudd out of the role before he had a chance to grow into it, but times are changing rapidly and tolerance in the current global environment is almost as scarce a resource as common sense.  Personally I think the first chink in his armour was letting people know he was upset by what they thought of him, way back, but then I’m a social analyst, not a political one.

Having been lucky enough to be at home on holidays as it unfolded, there was no doubt of Julia’s presence as she took control of the press gallery like a schoolteacher with her class (clever move directing the next two questions to keep control and limit follow-on questioning), took her oath (affirmed not sworn, which I thought was interesting), then took the floor and made Tony Abbott look mulish as she sidestepped what he obviously hoped were bombshells.  Then the piece de resistance was the lightning fast comeback to Julie Bishop.  Seriously, if you can find the clip on you-tube (I’ll be watching for it) I had tears running down my face from laughter.

There is no doubting that Julia knows what charisma is, and how to demonstrate it.  It only remains to be seen how cohesively she can pull Labour together to hopefully become Australia’s first elected female PM.  In the face of dissatisfaction with state governments, she’s got her work cut out for her.  Personally, I’d like to think it’ll happen, but today has shown that in politics, you never know what the future holds.

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