Is Christmas about Love or Money?

by Crystal on December 13, 2010

iStock_000014481049XSmall They call this time of year the “silly season”.  When you look at all the madness going around the shopping centres, on TV and everywhere else, it’s not hard to see why.  This is the season when the hype outweighs the voice of reason, and we’re all hypnotised into believing that we have to turn into mindless money-spitting machines. That, or feel that we’re somehow deficient as human beings, and letting down everyone we know and care about.

Hang on a minute.  Isn’t Christmas supposed to be in celebration of a guy who set out to demolish the money-changers way back when???  At what point did it all get so twisted around?

Yes, the message is everywhere.  Money equals love.  Not spending enough money is supposed to be your greatest fear this time of year, because it means you don’t love someone enough.  Do you really, truly believe that???  Is your love for those around you really only demonstrated once a year, via something wrapped up and sat under a tree?

Even more so, do you judge the people who love you by what they’ve given you, on a day that actually has nothing to do with either the two of you or your relationship?

Does your world revolve around money or love – or do you have the two so mixed up you can’t actually tell them apart?

I recently set my niece and nephew (7 & 10) a challenge to act as ‘Santa’s little helpers’ and do 3 nice things for their mum or dad to make them feel special.  The day’s not here yet, but my sister tells me how fantastic it’s been – the best Christmas ever.  Interestingly, though, both of them chose one ‘nice thing’ that revolved around gifts and/or money.  These are kids, and they’ve already learnt that’s how you make someone feel special.  In a way, that’s sad.  In another way, I’m proud of them for the other 2 ideas they came up with (and they’re the things that made her feel best of all).

Imagine, for a moment, what you would do if you were set a challenge to have Christmas one year WITHOUT SPENDING ANY MONEY.  How much more creatively could you demonstrate your love and affection, if shopping and ‘things’ were taken out of the equation?

Most importantly, would the time you spend together with your loved ones feel more or less meaningful?

Maybe it’s a bit much these days to try and have a cashless christmas, but can you at least consider including a few alternative demonstrations of your caring and affection to make your friends and family feel special, even before the presents get opened?  Lets take the emphasis and start putting it back on ‘Love’ this holiday season.

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