Institutionalised Disempowerment

iStock_000009213451XSmall Have you seen those Google Public Service ads?  There was one on a site I visited today, with a title of “Microfinance Empowers”, then “join us in enabling the poorest of the poor to improve their own lives”.

So can anyone explain to me why someone in a third world country can take tiny amounts of money and change their life, while so many of us receive comparatively HUGE amounts and only feel enslaved?

Wages, I figure, must be a psychological form of heroin.  Highly addictive, and destructive of lives.  The more we get, the more we become dependant.

I think this must be one of the key reasons all the LOA people tell you to focus on what you want the money for, instead of just focusing on the money.  You could end up creating yourself a higher paying but even more enslaving job situation.  No thanks!  Money can come with too many strings attached, and sometimes it just ISN’T worth it.

So, how to detox from wages?  Since every man, woman, dog, cat and monkey is currently offering coaching classes on the topic, I won’t muddy the waters further here.  I do know that you need to see yourself as having value independent of your job and the money it brings.  That’s a critical roadblock there, I’ve seen it stop plenty of people in their tracks, myself included.

Aside from that, for a first step I’d highly recommend reading a post from Steve Pavlina on “How to earn your first love dollar” – a fantastic article on allowing yourself to receive in return for doing the things you love.

It sounds wrong, I know, but I think many of us could use something like microfinance – some kind of program teaching us to take responsibility for and create our own financial wellbeing.

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