In the beginning…

Today was an a-ha moment for me.  Something that I’ve heard said many times, in many different ways, finally hit home.  I got clarity.

My life has been a journey in many ways – overcoming hurdles, climbing mountains, tripping over things and climbing back up again.  It’s been interesting, but before today I never fully realised the power of having a destination and a plan.  It really is the simplest ideas that are the most profound.

So, from an aimless blog trying to uncover the meaning of life (although I probably won’t stop doing that) I’ve got a new purpose and passion.  It’s not much good going on a quest if you don’t know what you’re aiming for, (just think how many dragons and damsels you could wander straight past!) so I’m putting the Quest part back into the equation.  I’m sharing my Simpleology goals, under “The Quest” page above, and I’m going to devote time out of my week to chasing them – today was the first day of getting up an hour earlier than usual so I could fit my own stuff in before I left for work, and I intend to trial doing that for the next 30 days.  That means I might spend a bit less time writing here but I hope what does get written now will be a lot more practically useful to you.

First step – Day 1 of my 30 days “priorities first” trial
Second step – I’ve put the goals up live for everyone to see.
Third step – I put the ‘donation‘ button up for anyone who wants to help 🙂

Next step – this fortnight I intend to find 3 ways to add value to your visit, so you get something more out of the blog.  Whether it’s links to really good stuff I’ve found, downloads or practical tips, I want to put 3 things up here that help people.  Ideas in the comments would be great, if you have a question or are looking for something I can maybe help with.

It’s been said that building a business is a form of creation.  Creation starts out with “…in the beginning was the word” – the word, singular.  ‘THE’ implies a concise, laser focus on a single all-important thing, and ‘WORD’: the sound or vibration of it (think, Law of Attraction).  I have my focus now.  This is the beginning of my true quest.  I look forward to having you along.

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