In Memorium

by Crystal N on October 28, 2006

In Memoriam: Lyla Catherine ELLIOTT
15 November 1945 – 21 October 2006
My Beloved Mother, and Treasured Friend

Yes, this is who was in hospital a few weeks back – when we got the news she decided she didn’t want people seeing her unwell, and also wanted to spend her time with family, so we kept it to ourselves as she asked – she has so many people who love her that last time she went into hospital there were too many visitors and the nurses frequently had to take them in by turns! We had the most beautiful ceremony on Friday to say farewell, and the tears flowed freely down a lot of faces – mine included. She is, or was (still not quite used to it) a beautiful woman who touched a lot of lives, and brought a lot of joy to many.

I’ll miss her dearly, and the world just won’t be the same. I’m trying to turn the process I’m going through into something as constructive as possible, as I know she would have wanted, so even though work are still blocking me from secondary employment, I plan on re-launching the self-positivity site (temporarily closed for renovations while I change registrar and hosting) on her birthday, the 15th November. I’m developing as much, and as powerful, a set of material as I can, and dedicating it to her. As I don’t intend to charge for it, I believe it won’t qualify as ’employment’ and I’ll be able to go ahead – one way or another I don’t intend to let them stop me honouring her memory in the way I know best.

Updates as to progress, and some sneak peak materials, will be distributed through my ezine, and I’ve temporarily moved the signup form for it to while the other one is down. I hope to have more news by the 4th November, so please stay tuned.

Mum, I love you, and I always will. Your memory is treasured deep in my heart, forever.
Thank you.


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