Ideas for Valentines Day

istock_000007761873xsmallThis time of year is peak season for romance.  February 14, when a small boy with a bow and arrow set holds the majority of the world’s relationships to ransom.

Of course, like every other holiday, commercialism has grabbed hold of this one and run riot.  We all know what we’re ‘supposed’ to do on Valentines day (or do we?  If not, I’ve included the standard ideas for the day below) but this post is for those that want to know:

  • Why on earth are we doing this?  (male version) or
  • Why do we only do this on one day of the year? (female version)
  • What on earth should I be doing? (male version) or
  • Quick, give me some great romantic ideas I can drop hints for! (female version),
    and finally,
  • How can I make this Valentine’s Day special/unique/the best one ever?

Romantic ideals

The day is one where someone seems to have given us ladies permission to let our imaginations run free and dream of the romance that the movies and tv have spoilt us to expect.  Knights on white horses aren’t so common these days, but anything short of that is not only allowed, but expected on the day!  (I could be wrong, no doubt someone somewhere DID get dressed up and ride up on a white horse on the day.)

Translation for the guys: on the day, she wants you to make her feel as though she’s the most wonderful woman in the world, the only woman for you, and to get a story that will have all her friends at work turning green with jealousy over how well you treated her – and probably wanting someone just like you for themselves.

As a bonus, guys, you’ll probably get a few women that use the day to try to make YOU feel special.  If you want this to happen, start dropping hints a few weeks earlier (eg “I’d love to get roses myself, someday”) but be warned: if she puts in an effort for you, you will be expected to have gone to AT LEAST as much effort for her.  Most of the ideas below will work for either your guy or your special lady…

Making her/him feel special

The whole idea of Romance is that someone makes you feel treasured and special.  If you happen to know the kinds of things your partner enjoys and values, definitely use those to plan something that will let them know you’ve paid attention, care about their likes/loves and want to make them happy.  That’s the key phrase – if they get the idea that you’ve tried to make them happy, you’ve had a successful day.

Of course, the way you do this will depend to some extent on where exactly you are in the relationship – and by that I don’t mean Hawaii or Alaska.  A newly fledged couple still dating will be doing different things to a long-married couple that will wake up to kids on the day.  It only makes sense, right?  Whatever stage your relationship is at, though, this is the day that you inject it in the arm with a shot of romance that will either build it further, make it deeper, or in some cases, keep it alive for another year (or month, or day, depending how you do!).

‘Standard’ ideas for Valentines Day

For those that want to know what the standard is, you will be expected to provide one or more of the following:

  • Dinner out
  • Chocolates/Roses
  • Greeting Cards
  • Breakfast in bed

If you go with number 3, please don’t let that be your only effort.  It won’t go far.  Trust me.

Creative Ideas for Valentines Day

For those of you who want to brainstorm other things you could do on the day (or even after it, if you’re lucky), here are a few ideas.  Where I’ve found these on other sites you’ve got a link to follow to read the stories or articles I’ve got them from – the links will open in a new window. Enjoy!

  • Dressing up and Staying In
  • An in-home movie date package (9 ideas for Valentines Day)
    (Package up popcorn, DVDs and a list of more movies you want to watch together)
  • Valentines Day treasure hunt
    Leave a series of loveheart shaped notes to lead your partner to one or more ‘treasures’
  • Massage Treatment
    You can either do this with a ‘his and hers’ spa massage (yes, they’re available) or at home.  A great suggestion is to start the ‘treatment’ off by filling the bath and floating rose petals on top, then using some nice scented oils.  Ylang Ylang is supposed to be very romantic (and possibly aphrodisiac)
  • Day Trip – either to nature locations, a coffee cruise, or some other enjoyable trip you know he/she will love.
  • Print up custom ‘gift certificates’ offering things he/she would appreciate, like foot massages, doing the washing up, cooking dinner – you get the idea.  A good site to start is romantic-printables.htm
  • Start it early – head out the day before to stay overnight at a bed & breakfast.  She gets the breakfast (in bed, if you’ve got room service), you get the credit, and you don’t even have to cook or wash up!  Combine this with some place he/she’s wanted to visit and you’re well ahead.
  • DIY crafts.  This one shows you care, although some people have a strange idea that it just means you were broke/ too cheap to buy something.  Combine it with a gift and you set that straight though.  Even if it’s just chocolates and flowers.  I found a great site here that even includes Valentines Day Crafts for Him, for Her, and best of all, for the Kids
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day All Year Long

Here’s wishing you a great Valentines Day!

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