How to Customize Thesis 1.6 the lazy way

by Crystal on November 4, 2009

A brief divergence here, but I’ve taken the plunge and upgraded to the new version of Thesis – Thesis 1.6

I didn’t notice a lot of changes, but some teaser glimpses of what’s coming in 2.0 were definitely included.  Just unpacking it and tweaking the settings, though, encouraged me to go exploring.  I wanted to find out how to put a header image into Thesis without having to download a whole skin (I was using the free Neoclassical skin, but that rotated through 5 images)

In the process found a tool to make customizing the Thesis theme dead easy.  No, it’s not the Open Hook plugin.  It’s from over at (they have some great tutorials there, which is how I found them). I have no idea how I stumbled on the link, but here’s a code generator that lets you put in your header images, background images, undo the default capitalization in the Thesis default nav menu, just about anything!

Hope you like the new look.  As always, your feedback is welcome!

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