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Im not the only one!

I'm not the only one! (mine buttoned all down the front...)

After I’m not sure how many days now (pick the sleep deprivation setting in after a weekend staying up with my boyfriend) the other day I got up ahead of the alarm, as is now usual, just after 3am. Got stuck into writing & managing my online stuff, also as usual. Got out the door and down to the bus in time for the 5am trip, chatted with the driver. Got to train station, stopped in at a shop and grabbed a drink to take with me, then waited about 20m on the platform for my train to arrive. It takes just under an hour from that point to the station I get off at. TEN MINUTES before we pulled in, I realised that none of the buttons down the front of my shirt were showing.  After a bit of a double take, it clicked as to why.

I was wearing it inside out.

Not one person so far had noticed or said anything.  Actually, it’s hard to say whether they noticed or not but they definitely hadn’t been looking (you know the sideways glances when there’s something not quite right? Seen them before, didn’t see them this time) and not a single word was said.

So I decided to conduct a little social experiment.  I wondered whether nobody noticed because I’d been walking around so blissfully unaware, and had high levels of confidence.  I left it inside out.

Got off, walked through the crowds at the station, walked down the road, nodding hi and catching the eyes of everyone I met.  Walked into work, again saying hello to everyone I met, head held high.  Got to my desk, put my bag down and ducked out to the ladies room – again exchanging words with everyone I met.

Guess what – not a single person noticed.  I even came back with it the other way around and still no-one saw that it was any different.

So: the moral of the story – if you’re doing something different, hold your head high and act as though it’s perfectly normal, and you’re more than likely going to get away with it!!!

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