How Creative is this?

I’ve recently been playing with Remember the Milk, an online to-do list manager, to handle the overflow of stuff from simpleology that really isn’t meant to go into my daily target praxis – things like regular household chores etc that come out during the brain dump of what I need to do, but aren’t in any way, shape or form related to my goals. I found if I left them in I had too long a list and got discouraged part way through, so now I have RTM loaded in my firefox sidebar and braindump the stuff that isn’t targeted to my goals in there instead. Since it integrates with google calendar, it’s also easy to manage from iGoogle.
Anyway, tonight when I went online to check off a few more things, I discovered it was temporarily down for maintenance. You know how it goes – gnashing of teeth in frustration that your comprehensive lists aren’t availabe, right? Wrong. The “site down” message had me rolling on the floor laughing. I’ve cut and pasted a screenshot below.

It’s a pretty standard message, and we all know it happens, but I love how they got creative with adding in a single picture to turn something that could have been a source of frustration into something I now almost hope to catch again so I can show my friends and make them laugh too…

I love it.  What do you think?  Should I find something similar here for when I do my occasional wordpress upgrades and the site goes into maintenance for a minute or two?  Have you seen anyone else taking this kind of creative approach to downtime?  Please comment below.

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