Homage to Santa Claus


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Seeing as I had so much fun with “Twas the Month Before Christmas” I thought I’d have another go…

Homage to Santa Claus

Just one day a year where the hero is fat
and the aim of the day is to emulate that
The trousers are stretched until buttons burst
Elastic does better but digs in til it hurts

We gather all round into one single room
sharing brightly wrapped parcels of clothes and perfume
The giver waits nervously hoping their guess
is a match for the other’s own gift of largesse

The days of hard hunting for something they desire
but hadn’t yet managed themselves to acquire
all lead to these moments of nervous unwrapping
smiles, hugs and thanks as the photos are snapping

The hauls are all tallied and the room is a mess
The kids noisily putting new toys to the test
The neighbour’s new drum-kit or guitar serenades
As the host looks around and thinks “I need housemaids!”

The room empties out as we troop back to the food
Exhaustion and a strange sense of loss is the mood
As lunch passes by, then out comes the drink
and the year’s catch-ups begin as inhibitions shrink

The afternoon goes and the yawns soon begin
Children’s hyperactivity soon wearing thin
But we soldier on through with our snacks and our grog
As our memories descend into hazy grey fog

“Did you have a good time?” and of course you say yes
having caught up with friends, ate and drunk to excess
It’s almost a sad thing when at last come goodbyes
and the Christmas you’ve worked for so long slowly dies

But one thing you can rest assured will be true
by the same time next year you won’t believe how time flew…

© Crystal Woods 2008

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