Holidays – Part 3

by Crystal N on June 26, 2008

In the end, we decided to walk through to the next street where we’d noticed a few restaurants, and see what grabbed our fancy. It turned out to be pancakes. The pancake restaurant wasn’t exactly the height of fashion (the decor looked like it hadn’t been changed for at least two decades) but the food was nice enough. I had a grand choice of two vegetarian options, so I went for the one that actually had vegetables in it, and he had some kind of steak one. I also discovered that the toilets would have sent an occupational health and safety inspector into some kind of fit, but for all that I didn’t mind, and it was a nice night out – and a close enough one that I was able to get back to the hotel without too much drama and relax for a bit before testing out the two person spa and turning in nice and early so I’d be fresh for our morning tour of the sights of adelaide.

Next morning, we had a fairly late start and got downstairs about 8:20, looking to grab something from the restaurant. Except, it wasn’t open yet. 8:30 we got told, but the door outside said 8. Anyway, we walked down the road to a cafe which WAS open and had a lovely breakfast there, getting back to the hotel by ten to. I rang the tour company to check about pickup, and discovered that even though the tour start was 9:30, we were due for pickup at 9. So, enough time to wander upstairs, grab my jacket, and head back down again. I even decided to try it without the crutches, since it was only a half day and I expected most of it would be on the bus. Good decision, when the little mini bus arrived to get us. I’d have had no end of fun maneuvering myself up the steps with them in tow!

The mini bus took us to the bus depot, where we changed to a slightly larger minibus. The driver had a great sense of humour, though, and as we ran around town it really did feel like we were finding out a lot of the insider stuff that even most of the locals wouldn’t have known – and having fun in the process. He told us the sign “Polites” was on a lot of buildings because that was a family that owned a lot of real estate in the area, and so the rest of the afternoon (and trip) was spent spotting Polites signs! We got a tour of the Haighs chocolate family, where we discovered all of it was hand done, including the foil wrapping – fun on the murray cod thing they’re currently doing – and no wonder it’s so pricey. I discovered the ‘seconds’ shelf and got something for my sister, something for me and something for the bloke. Actually, only the rum and raisins chocs for him came from that shelf… Still, it did allA lolly shop I DIDN'T buy anything in!!!! manage to survive the trip back home without me eating it all!!! We also did a short run down to Glenelg as part of it, which was pretty, and we saw a ship restaurant as well as a lot of the newer buildings there. Had the option to get off and make our own way back, having lunch there, but since we were going to do that on our free day, we kept going. We did, though, jump off at the Rundle st Mall when we got back into town and started the rounds of drop offs – in the end we had an Oporto burger lunch (they’ve finally brought out a veggie burger) in one of the food halls there, after we (ok, I) checked out a few other stores. I even went into a sweet shop and looked around, took some photos and walked out without buying anything!!! How good was that!!!!!!
How big the lolly shop was that I didn't buy anything in

We took a few hours wandering around before we went back to the hotel, where I slung the leg up for a bit while he disappeared to check out the local beer facilities for an hour or two before tea. He came back and told me how he’d run into Rhonda Birchmore at the pub he went into, as well as about a pizza place around the corner, so we went there and grabbed ‘garlic damper’ as well as pizza to bring back up with us. On the way back to the hotel with it, he suddenly turned around at a group we’d just passed and said “That’s Tom Burlinson!”. Turns out we’d arrived in the middle of the Adelaide Cabaret festival (not that we went or anything). For someone who doesn’t tend to go out to events like that, he certainly was no slouch at recognising people. Me, I was just having fun trying to get back to the hotel on the crutches – I’d overdone it again on the leg today…

More to come…

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