Hey, I’m an authority all of a sudden!

by Crystal N on July 1, 2007

Learning about Web 2.0 since I got onto that competition at nextinternetmillionaire.com a few weeks back, I’ve now started getting really active online. This blog is creeping up the ranks as a result, and I’ve just discovered that Technorati have actually got me down as one of only 3 blogs with posts about workplace bullying! Check out my Technorati Profile here. (Not that it would be the kind of thing I’d recommend anyone become an expert in – wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, as you know.)

I’d been working on helping battle the issue at work, and through becoming involved in the union, now it seems like maybe my experience could be helping a little further afield. Great. If I can pull a positive out of it, then I’ll be more than happy. If I can stop someone else having to go through it, or give them the courage to take heart and fight back, even better. Loving the power of this web 2.0 thing!

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MythMan J July 2, 2007 at 10:56 pm

Crystal, It’s good to see you’re ‘clearing your path to wealth-n-stuff.’ And it’s good to see you know the way to what you want. I hope I can help you find it! Reading your introduction, I see your three goals as one: replacing your income, you will become an ‘Internet millionaire,’ and doing that you will provide an example for your ‘at least three’ to follow. As a matter of fact, your ‘at least three’ might even be your introductory customers in fulfilling your first goal!…Or Something Like That. Or Not.


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