Halfway round the world and an internet meme

by Crystal N on July 24, 2007

Hi again. Back from my journey to the other side of the planet, which I thoroughly enjoyed (thanks again Rich), although I’m still recovering my voice from some kind of bug I picked up on the plane (didn’t help I was “playing it hard” and screaming my lungs out at intervals either, I suspect…). Still, it’s truly amazing what a shot of sunshine in the middle of winter can do for your morale – or could it possibly be something to do with the fact that I’ve not gone back to work yet??? Roll on that early retirement, please!!! Had some fantastic conversations, including a really deep one on the last day with a psycho-analyst that gave me a whole new insight into the strengths I should be following up on.

Anyway, I’m busy running through and following up on some of these great ideas, which I’ll post as they go live, but meanwhile discovered there’s a web movement being started. Since Google is apparently evil, and the upcoming pagerank stuff is almost the online equivalent of the interest rate announcements offline (ie serious and heavy stuff for anyone who owns internet real estate), I’m all for the idea of having better things to focus on in life. The post is at Dean Hunt’s Affiliate Marketing Blog. Oh, and the rest of the “meme-ists” are below: (I got in early at no. 24)

Want to know what a “meme” is? Here’s the wikipedia definition, which I think could explain it a bit more clearly. In a nutshell, it’s something that spreads with a life of it’s own. Obviously, this isn’t quite there yet, but hey, if you’ve got a site and would like to do something to help boost it, head on over to Dean Hunt’s blog entry and join the party! You’ve also got to check out his “Your Website Sucks” entry. Is this a cool button or what?
My website doesnt suck

Oh yes, and don’t tell anybody, but I just splashed out on the 7 figure code – got in before the last price hike but I’m not going to say how much I got it for . I figure after spending a couple grand on the trip to this last conference (well worth it) the chance to have my next one delivered to my doorstep (yaaay, no planes and airports and transit lounges!!!!) was irresistable. Not received it yet, but I’ll let you know when I do.

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