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Going Raw 30 day trialYou know that feeling you get on a rollercoaster as it’s climbing up the steep hill at the start – and the tension builds because you just know that you’ll be coming down that same height, but VERY VERY FAST!

This week and the raw journey is starting to build excitement and anticipation the same way.

The more I read about it, the more I get excited about what it’s going to be like, even if I do know that it’s probably going to be scary as anything at first.  I finished off “The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide” today and oh boy was I blown away.

It seems that I’m not just embarking on a diet change.  I can expect life transformation as well.  Bring it ON!

  • I’ve now booked my Dr’s appointment so I can get the blood tests done – I plan on asking them to check my B12 and iron levels as well as the cholesterol just to cover off any deficiencies I should be aware of in planning out my meals.  That’s at the end of the week.
  • I’ve got some amazing tips and links from some really great comments on my last post – after work this weekend I plan on doing some serious ‘input time’
  • I’ve discovered that not only is there a raw community in Sydney, they have regular events and potlucks as well, and I stumbled on a couple of raw food classes there too.  In the process I’ve also discovered where to get MSM, the supplement there’s a lot of support for taking.  (They also sell Vita-Mix blenders, but that’s definitely not a start-up purchase for me!)
  • Laura’s book has got me into some really deep thoughts about the relationship between food and my life journey.  Specifically, something she wrote about people using fat to hide behind and conceal what they know they could achieve, but aren’t.  It’s not easy looking so brutally at myself and my motivations, but you know, I think she’s right.
    I’ve been a perfectionist for a long time.  I always thought I left things unstarted because I couldn’t bear not doing them perfectly.  Now I know I was judging myself as well as my performance, and on top of the fear of failure, things were left undone because that way I wouldn’t have to face that I wasn’t doing the right things.

I really, truly had no idea what I’d be in for when I let that seed of ‘maybe one day I’ll try this raw diet thing’ take root.  I haven’t even started yet and I’m doing some heavy, meaningful stuff!  Honestly, it’s a little bit scary and a whole lot mysterious where this journey is going to take me, but so far I have to say, I’m excited, nervous, anticipating it a lot and overall just loving it!!!

I need another book!?!  I think my next read might have to be Conscious Eatingby Gabriel Cousens.

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