Getting Exciting!!!

Wow. Nerves reign supreme right now! Things seem to be picking up at a pretty much exponential pace… From looking around, I’ve now put in 2 offers (that first step WAS a doozy!) and the last one was so good I went straight to the mortgage broker and lodged my preapproval application! (hope that last sentence doesn’t increase the ten million spam offers for home loans good for the US only that I already get… Thank the Goddess for Google’s spam filter!)

On second thought, maybe nerves DON’T reign supreme. After all, it’s not stopping me, even though I’m launching into this by myself instead of as part of a couple. I could have let the fact that I hadn’t saved enough deposit stopped me, and gone into rental again when I got notice the owner was coming back, but didn’t. Maybe all those self-help books are finally taking hold? Whatever it is, seems like I’m more and more living my life as I want to – and by the saying I have stuck prominently up on my fridge: “Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about CREATING yourself.” Right on!

So, have a counter offer in on a nice 2 bedroom apartment a little north of town – would have to transit into work but have access to much better facilities for all that. And yes, I’d live closer to my bloke, would be able to visit without the fact I never bought a car stopping me. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get conventional enough to get one… nah, probably not. At least not for conventional reasons, anyway! Back to the topic, the ironic thing is that after picking holes in every place we checked out up to now, he walked into this one with me and started gushing. Ouch! “There goes any negotiation” thought I. Turns out it might have been a good thing, because the owner knows his dad, but time will tell. It even has MOST of my wishlist – bath, separate shower (no more stepping over that wide rim!), built in wardrobes with full length mirrors (done without any of those for too long – can only help the weight loss!) and a big enough lounge that I can set up my exercise bike in front of the TV, and probably leave out the other stuff like the fitball and dumbells as well! Oh yes, and the suburb happens to have the first local Curves outlet located within walking distance too. Best of all, the price it’s at will allow me to make extra payments and clear it heaps quicker than a couple decades!

So, I’ve done my part, now I’m just sitting back and waiting for news. I trust totally that if this is the right place, it will happen, but in case it’s not I’m still arranging a few more viewings for the rest of the week. Seems very much now as though when it moves, it will take a quantum shift and move FAST. The hardest thing from here (that I can see, anyway) is the rest of the packing up. It’s funny how depressing it can be when you put your life away into boxes. This time, though, it may just be an exhilarating experience!!!

Wish me luck?


PS – was right about viewings etc boosting my pedometer count. Averaging between 12,000 and 18,000 steps a day. For a short little 5’4″ frame, that’s a LOT of walking.

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