From battlefield to full scale war

Hard to believe it’s been three weeks already. After my last post, things got dramatically worse at work. In fact, I’m now getting anything and everything possible thrown at me, up to and including threats, bullying and intimidation tactics. I refuse to give in and quietly leave, though it’s becoming ever clearer why they have a continuous problem with staff turnover…

My health ended up suffering, and after my blood pressure skyrocketed and I found myself under so much stress that I lost my memory, concentration and ability to sleep, plus all desire to eat (that WASN’T how I meant to lose weight, darn it!) the doctor called it. I’m on time out trying to get my health back, while I get myself ready for the next round of war. The ironic thing is, I just want to do my job – I’m GOOD at it – but it’s being made more and more difficult for me to do it, then they’re using the fact against me. I’m being maneuvred into a situation where they can wave me goodbye, willingly or not, and I’m frantically trying to stop myself from being checkmated. On the plus side, I’m getting one heck of an education in industrial relations, workers compensation, awards, entitlements and legislation! If and when I ever do get into the situation where I’m somebody else’s manager, at least I’ll be very well informed of what NOT to do.

Oh, and I’m rapidly coming to the conviction that Micromanagement should be banned.

On the home front, since work has been such a battle I’ve not done a lot for myself, but I am keeping up the exercise at least (helps keep my spirits up) and the rest of my time has been occupied with getting together all the paperwork I’m having to do for the situation. Oh well. Like I said – it’s a great educational process, at least! You can see from the picture at left that even my reading list is focussed on getting me through this – although it’s a pretty good gem of a book in any case – one of those old ones that pop up now and again. Author is Frank Channing Haddock, and the book is number one of a series called the “Power book library” – this one is just called “Power of Will”

I’m now starting to seriously think about the options I have other than switching to another job, though. Honestly, I’m wondering if it can ever be worth it to hand someone else that much power over you! If I can find a way to be self-sufficient enough to take care of the mortgage and my living expenses, I’ll jump at it. If I can work my way up from there to enjoy a better lifestyle – driven by my own efforts – I’ll be even happier. I’m investigating things like elance, since I love writing so much, and ebay, although there’d be a bit of a learning curve on that one as to what kind of products to focus on and where to source them. Online business is another option, although while I’m still employed where I am I can’t actively pursue that one. If they manage to get me out, though, I’ll be giving it all I’ve got.

It’s funny, less than 150 years ago it was the norm for everyone to be self-employed, growing up in a family trade, and people who had jobs were looked at as being unusual. Then the industrial revolution switched it all around, and a hundred years later we’re all well trained to believe that we can’t fend for ourselves anymore. It’s a very thorough training system they’ve developed, when the possibility of self-employment is viewed as being LESS secure than trusting someone else to give you money for however long they decide they want your skills and efforts, and giving away all your power and self-sufficiency for the privilege of being, to all intents and purposes, the corporate version of a time-share slave.

You can see my thoughts are pretty tied up with this work situation, even if I am supposed to be working on recovery right now. I have no idea how long it will be until my next chance to blog, but keep your fingers crossed for me that it works out for the best (I believe it always does) but in the soonest possible time!!!

Best wishes and take care,


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