Friday Reading Roundup – 6 Mar 09

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Since learning is such a bit part of developing – both personally, and as an online professional – I decided to answer all those “what should I read” questions with a quick rundown each week of what I’ve read, online and offline, as well as what’s caught my eye during the week and got bookmarked to read over the weekend.

Offline Reading

Non Fiction

Most of this week I was reading through “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell, PhD.  It’s a brilliant roundup of all the research that’s been done on the role of nutrition and ‘diseases of affluence’ like cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune disorders like Lupus and MS.  It’s truly eye opening, and I’ve just finished Chapter 13: ‘Science – the Dark Side’ which gives a scary account of the author’s personal experiences of how so much of this research never makes it to the doctor’s reading list, let alone the general public.  I’ve got just over 4 chapters to go – this one’s taking me a while to get through because there’s simply so much info in it!

I also received my copy of “Healthy Teeth – Healthy Body” by Tom McGuire DDS and am most of the way through Chapter 4, leaving 2 more to go – I got that with the OraMD drops (bought the first timers special) since tooth decay seems to be one of the issues that a few Vegans and Raw Foodists have trouble with.  Between that and the supplement I got from the toothsoap people, though, I’m paying more attention to my teeth than usual and they’re looking better than ever.


This week’s light relief was Janny Wurts “To Ride Hell’s Chasm” – she’s one of my favourite authors and this book did not disappoint, even set in a whole new world to the one I’ve been used to reading.  It reads like a cross between a Fantasy and a Thriller.  Loved it every step of the way, and reached the end (p691) WAY too quickly.  🙁

Online Reading

My Favourite Articles This Week

Stuff that caught my eye and I bookmarked for the weekend

For obvious reasons, there’s no descriptions on these…

From Twitter: (the names link to the twitter posts)

  • zen_habits: My new post at Write to Done: How to Write Quality Posts When You Have a Day Job
  • sitepointdotcom: 10 Fixes That Solve IE6 Problems
  • davidrisley: How to Succeed at Content Marketing Even if Your Content Skills Suck – (via @copyblogger)
  • sitepointdotcom: A Collection of 30+ Free Stock Photo Sites
  • preneur: It’s been 60 days since NYE – How many of your resolutions have you kept and/or actioned ?
  • sitepointdotcom: 5 Ways to Please Your Clients and 5 Reasons Why You Should
  • EzineArticles: Discover The Secret To Getting EzineArticles Platinum Membership Free & Fast: Plz RT
  • ducttape: ‘Influencer Programs’ Likely to Spread –
  • michellem: Blog post: Giving The People What They Want
  • ebenpagan: Do YOU control what you think? Science and Philosophy are “mating” to figure it out (this is good stuff):
  • sitepointdotcom: More than 10 “Must Have” WordPress Plugins
  • mytrainerjam: Attention Athletes: Eat Your Vegetables! – I just loved this article by my friend Rip Esselstyn
  • chrisbrogan: Interesting post about targeting your audience from @ShimonSandler –
  • tferriss: One of the best UIs I’ve ever seen: Anyone used them for collecting payment info? Impressive design and ease-of-use.
  • tferriss: From 21K followers – Best for selling downloadable anything, in descending order:,,

‘Read it Later’ posts

  • None this week. I read them all except the twitter ones. Why does all the good stuff come through there while I’m in the middle of doing something, do you think?

OK, now I’ve filled you in on all that, I’m off to put my feet up for a while and get stuck back into The China Study!

  • Friday Reading Roundup – 6 Mar 09

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