Fixing the World from the Inside Out

by Crystal on April 20, 2009

I’m currently re-reading “Open Your Mind to Receive” by Parched earthCatherine Ponder.  It’s a great little book, but I got to one of the middle chapters and was struck by a quote she attributes to a newspaper:

“Too many people are trying to solve the problems of the world when they haven’t straightened out their own lives.”

Of course, she agrees with this, and so do I.  BUT I started wondering.  Are we all trying to solve the problems of the world because we know they are so desperately in need of fixing?  Or could it be more to do with the growth of news services that fill our days with stories focusing on everything that’s going wrong?

Maybe the huge growth of the self-help movement is on some level tied in with this – are we aware, deep down, of the contradiction from the quote above, and trying to work on ourselves so we can better help with the bigger picture?  Are we all trying instinctively to ‘fix the world’ by working incessantly on ourselves?

It occurred to me that we could all be caught up in self-help circles because we’re not sure, really, what we’re trying to fix.  We want to fix ourselves, but with all the media hype about how bad things are, we feel we have to focus on the bigger picture and fix that, too.  There’s a Chinese proverb  that says:

“He who chases two hares, catches neither”

So, how do you think your self-help efforts would improve if you made a decision to forget about fixing the World’s problems until after you’d made some noticeable progress on your own?

Ignore the “Global Financial Crisis” and spend two weeks instead just learning how much slack you actually have in your own pocketbook. (You might be surprised!)

Let the environmental issues do without you for a month while you focus on including more fresh, locally grown fruit & vegetables in your regular diet – or start growing some yourself.

Turn off the news stories about conflict and disaster, to spend a few extra hours helping out your friends, family and neighbours.

How about it.  Worth a try?

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Дегтярев June 5, 2009 at 8:41 am

Чуть больше 4х лет вплотную работаю над этим направлением и думаю ваши аргументы достаточно необоснованными

Google Translate: Slightly more than 4 years of working closely on this area and I think your argument is baseless


Crystal June 17, 2009 at 1:09 pm

You’re welcome to think that. My perspective is my own, after working it personally for about 19 years now, but I don’t insist you have to share it. If I made you think, or decide more strongly what your own beliefs are, then I’ve achieved the purpose I wrote for. 🙂


Yogi Zen Dude May 17, 2009 at 7:56 pm


We are the Creators of our Universe…
We have been given the Mind of God, how do we want to use it =)

Blessings of Peace…Love…Joy…And Infinite Abundance !!!****** =)


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