First Week’s results

First week weigh in result:

Was 291
Now 288.2

Lost 2.8 pounds!

Puts me more than half way there for my December challenge, so happy with that. I read an article today on how stress makes your body release Cortisol, and that floods your system with insulin and tells your body to hold on to EVERYTHING at all costs. Considering the amount of stress I’m under at work at the moment, I’m thinking this is actually a really good result. Coverted to kilos it’s 1.3 kilos – in only ONE WEEK.

Who knows, maybe next week I’ll have my five pound loss for December already! The plan was to do a lot at the start of December anyway, to allow for the bit of slack I’ll need being over at other people’s places, so even if I do get it next week it’s going to be a lot of work to make sure I keep it. I’m also seeing other people posting on this club site with sets of 50 or 100 crunches a DAY – something to think about for January but I’ve got enough on my plate for December, I think.

December Challenges:
* lose 5lb total over month [HALF WAY THERE..]
* 3×12 fitball crunches 5/week [on track]
* 30 mins on bike 3-5/week [on track]
* 6+ glasses water 6 days/week [on track]
* Clean out pantry & toss or give to charity [Today]
* finish interval training session on bike [DONE]
* Tell friends/family I want gym stuff instead of chockies/food [DONE]

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