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Well it’s only been a month since I completed my 30 day trial, and I’ve finally got all the way through the 250page+ manual that came with my course. All I can say is – WOW.

I’ve also stumbled across some interesting stuff that talks about manifestation and luck, and how luck goes through cycles just like biorhythms. They also have some stuff deeper in the site about how you can use manifestation to influence it, but I’m not there yet. So, anyway, I thought it would be interesting to spend the next month watching my luck. Literally.

Having said that, I suspect that today I must be at the bottom of my luck cycle. Waiting for a lift to work their meeting ran over so I was sitting in the cold for a half hour. This after the girls I usually chat to had to go someplace else because a guy was sprawled across 4 seats in the vestibule. Oh yes, and my partner arrived to pick me up as I was getting ready, earlier than he usually arrives, but said it was the time he always got here – and started getting frustrated at the red light he hit on the way (I have trouble dealing with that, because I prefer not to sweat things that I can’t change anyway).

So, after freezing and missing a half hour of work, when it would have taken 20m at most to hobble up there – except I knew someone was coming, just not how far away they were – on one of my busiest days, I had the same slow system problems as I’ve had for the last 2 days slow me even further, to the point where I was there for 11 hours. On the bright side, I did manage to make the train 20m after I finished up, although I had to get the train attendant to hold it because the carriage I got onto had all the ‘disabled’ seats full with people with prams, luggage etc, and I couldn’t go up and down stairs to another carriage. Hurried down the platform to the next carriage and they made room for me, but at the next station a whole family got on and one of the kids decided to stand right in front of my leg. I had the crutches either side to protect it from kicks like I got last week, but she backed right into it anyway.

I did have my partner offer to pick me up from the station, and the lifts were working there (which they often aren’t) so it wasn’t all bad, but it did hurt lots and I had to hit the painkillers again when I got home. Enjoyed having him there for a bit, keeping me company, and he even put my soup on for me so I didn’t have to stand in the kitchen (I’m very lucky with having him around, and I know it!) I haven’t finished everything with the delays today, so I’m catching the early train up tomorrow, too early for him so I’ll be getting a taxi down.

There was a post on that luck forum that suggested using an online ‘slots’ site to test your luck out. I think today I can make a pretty good guess without it! Now I’m just hoping it’s on the way up and won’t be getting any worse… 😉

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