Fastest luck cycle ever…

Well, one of the posts I read was talking about a 33 day luck cycle. I hoped today would see my luck improve, but I never dreamed by how much!

Woke up with 10m before my alarm, after only about 6 1/2 hrs sleep, but totally awake & ready to go (I’d affirmed that before I went to bed: powerful trick, that.) Good way to kick off, right? Then I got a taxi down to the station to get the early train. I had stuff left over to do for my 10am meeting so I wanted to get there as early as possible. We pulled up, and a train was there – my watch is about 8m fast so I thought it was after 5:30. Went to pay the cabbie, found I didn’t have quite enough in my little purse, so dived into my big wallet. Meanwhile the train guard asked me if I was getting on that one. Thinking it was one of the extra all stations one and I was already too late for the 5:21, I said no. Paid my fare, got onto the platform, realised, and kicked myself…

Took the next 20m, in the freezing cold, to try to talk myself out of calling myself an idiot. Decided I’d just affirm that from now on, I’d be prepared and willing to accept any luck that came my way. Part of me still niggled, though, that I could have arrived half hour before starting, sat & enjoyed a hot coffee and took my time getting to work. Oh well.

Got up there, if possible even more freezing. Decided not to call for a lift since a) I needed to visit a teller thanks to all the taxis, and b) I wanted to go via the bread shop for some breakfast. Did both, took my time getting to work, and it turns out nobody would have been available to get me and I’d still have been waiting another 10m. Lucky break, thought I.

Managed to get through the stuff I needed for the meeting, despite numerous interruptions, one of which was a call from a colleague elsewhere who was going to be at the station and wanted to drop by & see how I was doing. It was lovely to hear from her, but I had to cut her short to keep going on the stuff I was trying to get ready. Got it ready, got it printed, got most of my presentation prewritten and into the minutes, right to go. Another good one.

Meeting went long, but I had pretty much all the answers needed at hand, and wasn’t even called on some of the stuff I’d prepared. Got through my bit, then started taking the rest of the minutes directly onto the computer – I’d already dropped in some that had been pre-mailed to me so I was able to catch most of what went on over and above. I even got more compliments at the end, not only to me but to others at the meeting about me. That feels lovely. With the prep work done, I knew I was also on track for the minutes to be sent out within 24hrs. Another good one.

Had a lovely lunch – my mexican sandwich has become a favourite and I made it again this morning, even if it was at quarter to 5. Enjoyed both it and the lunch room chat. Then after I got back to my desk, my friend dropped by briefly and it was lovely to see her again. Had a short chat since someone was waiting, but she dropped off something I’d forgotten I’d lent out, and I was able to introduce her to a few people.

Got a lift down the station in time to catch my all stations train. A kid was at the vending machine talking about one packet that was only half dispensed, then a sequence of 3 people went by & talked about getting a freebie if they put in for that one. I hadn’t been interested. They lost their money. Another lucky turn. Got on the train, and saw a 20c piece in the deserted vestibule as I was sitting down. Nobody around. Thank you, universe! Some schoolkids get on later, one of whom on the seat opposite starts asking the girl sitting on my seat if she wants the 10c coin under it, there’s apparently 2 coins there. They keep talking, then they get out, the train is again deserted, I shift seats and sure enough there are two more 10c coins. I’m thinking this is such a lucky day.

Called ahead for my cab, but he didn’t show up for a few minutes after I arrived, so that was a bit sore, and the fare was the highest I’d ever been charged, but it got me home before 5pm, so I was happy about that. In the mailbox was a letter from my sister which was supposed to have had some tax documents sent to her by mistake – the letter was empty and in a clear satchel from Australia post saying it was either found that way or damaged in processing. Uh oh, think I, and call her to find out what exactly was sent. She was out so I got a machine & left a message. Then I realise one of the other letters is from Australia Post as well – contains all the documents with a note saying they were found in a post box – luckily the address was printed on the front sheet!

In a nutshell, today’s been great! Maybe I was more lucky because I was focusing more on finding lucky incidents, but I certainly did not expect a biorhythm type 33 day cycle to turn around this fast!!!

Might play with this and look for more lucky stuff tomorrow.

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