Evolving Individuality and the Power of Creation

iStock_000006559274XSmall This week on the train I read a printout of an ebook from the ‘Super Mind Evolution’ System.  It was on Mental Influence, but the ideas I got out of it were mind-blowing, even before getting to any of that.

I’ve been focusing on the idea of Self Mastery this month, and I was especially interested to read the author’s ideas on power.  He claimed it was linked directly to intensity of directed focus, or will, and I have to admit it made a lot of sense.  There’s a reason the word “will-power” links the two concepts.

In talking about how a powerful person differed from the average man (it was written in the days before political correctness), I found it fascinating that he spoke of the development of focused intense concentration – individual will – as one of the pre-requisites of power.  Even more so, in a precursor to ‘The Secret’, he spoke of how developing this focus gave strength to the thought-frequencies that an individual sent out, such that they were less likely to be cancelled out by the general mess of random thoughts and opposing desires that come from everyone around you.

It got me thinking how our world is changing.

Most people don’t realise that the concept of the individual is relatively new.  For most of history, people identified themselves as members of some larger group, rather than as a single, unitary person.  You were a member of your tribe first, then in pre-industrial society, your class or occupation (landed gentry, peasant farmer, tradesman etc).  If you were in one of the luckier classes, you were also a member of your family group (with the land holdings or business associated with it), and expected to follow in your parents footsteps and step up to your part in the dynasty.  For the most part, people did.  Not many bucked the trend, because it’s never been easy to go against the flow of expectations.

Through most of that history, the majority have been content to be followers of the few who stood forth as leaders.  Those leaders were either raised to it (it was part of their heritage/expectations) or fought to attain it against the majority voice.  That voice always gave the message that it was better for you to fit in and drop your sights back to what everybody else lived with.  Not just peer pressure, but social and societal pressure.

But that majority voice is getting weaker.  Now we’ve developed a technology, the internet, that encourages individual voices.  Not only is it giving rise to more of them than ever before, (see any article on the rise of blogging) but at the same time providing the medium for them to connect and build a stronger influence on the world, as well as spread their own message to as many as possible.  With such a reach, some of these ‘follower-types’ are taking these messages on board and becoming leaders in themselves.

The majority voice that tells us to settle for doing what everybody else does, is getting fainter.  The cry to take up life and shape it to your own will is getting stronger.  The focused individual – the leader of the past – is not such a rarity anymore, and the people who in old days would have ‘settled’ and listened to that majority voice, are becoming empowered individuals with their own voices.  It’s an exciting thought.

Where will this evolution take us?

Maybe this is what the world-change predicted for the end of 2012 is about: the tipping point where humanity takes conscious control of shaping our lives, and our world.  We’ve already learnt that our thoughts shape our reality.  I’m convinced that the recent increase in natural disasters can’t be unrelated to decades of Hollywood disaster movies growing in reach and popularity.  Even the uncanny way that fictional gadgets in TV series like Star-Trek are rapidly becoming reality supports the power of thoughts – especially shared ones – to shape our world.  There’s an article here that shows some of the things that are being, or have been ‘invented’ for real – and even more have come out since then.

There’s a danger here that everyone’s ignoring, so I’m going to out the elephant in the room.  If humanity evolves to the point that our thoughts create our world, shouldn’t we also learn how to create, shape and control our thoughts?  Otherwise … well, Red Dwarf did an episode on that …

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