Eating a durian fruit for the first time

by Crystal N on January 26, 2008

Saw this at the supermarket today, and having been following a few raw food blogs that raved about it, thought I’d give it a try. My bit of adventurousness for the week. Started by googling how to open it, and thank heaven I did (note the plastic lid under the thing). Got it open, but removing the pods felt like I was handling body organs. Even worse, if you look closely at the pic one of the sections at the top left I had to slide my hand into to get the pods. I suspect I now know what performing a caesarian feels like.

With that, I gamely took a nibble. Smell wasn’t too bad, at least freshly opened, but the texture was a bit weird. Like a slightly solidified custard. I gave up after a few bites, and hunted down recipes. The easiest solution was to blend the thing and mix it with either water or milk (one place recommended adding condensed milk) – the water/fruit mix is in front of me being drunk very slowly as I type. The balance of the blended stuff I mixed with some cream and a bit more water for the consistency and have it in the freezer to make home made ice cream out of it.

It’s actually quite nice, and grows on you the more you try it. I suspect my impressions during the opening process and previous reading about it’s smell (comparisons to eating fruit in sewers and public toilets for the most part) made it a bit harder to enjoy, but now I know what to expect it might be different – so I might just do it again someday to see.

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Harold Shinsato January 10, 2009 at 1:10 am

Thanks for sharing your durian experience. I’ve heard such terrible things about it, and the picture looks horrible, but your description makes me curious to actually give it a fair try some day. It’s a little harder to come by in Montana though. I might have to wait for a trip to warmer climes before I can give it a whirl.


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