Easter Treasure Hunt

EgzWelcome to the Treasure Hunt!

The picture you see at the right is going to be hidden somewhere on this site.

Each page or post will host it for one day only, starting on Wednesday 31 March, and running through to Easter Friday (US time).  Each day’s clues and codewords will be posted here.  They’ll also be put up to my twitter and facebook pages, and sent by email to anyone on my newsletter list (sign up at right)

If you find the page hiding the picture, check out the comments – there’ll be one with a link to the treasure – a 1c download for each day of the hunt, all valued between $27 and $97, and relating to one or more of the categories of Self Help, Business Success, and the Law of Attraction.

Once you find and click on that link, you’ll be taken to the sales page for that day’s treasure.  Enter the daily codeword and the price will drop – it’s yours for the taking.  Some treasures will even come with resale rights, so you can hatch them into income of your own…

Treasure Hunt Day 2

Today’s treasure is a bit different. The comment will link you to a report worth $47, but in a twist, if you find that comment you’ve got the choice of a second code that gives you any product up to $47 free.

Day 2 Clue: (Cryptic Crossword style)
Frogs and Rabbits mobilised 4 letters sound reverse
into cryptic shredded file (4,4,4)

Code: chockyseason (PS there’s an extra code hidden in the comments on the treasure page that you can use for ANY product up to $47)