Early Rising Day 7 – Surprising Results

by Crystal on November 12, 2008

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Day 7 of my Early-Rising 30 day trial already!

Last night I decided 4.30 wasn’t early enough, since I was having to cram all my stuff into only half an hour or less by the time I took out getting ready (I usually leave before 6), and I’ve not had time to write full posts.  So this morning it was 4:15.  I’m starting to actually enjoy the early starts.  I’ve been posting short updates at Twitter, and discovered a few days back that the trick to getting up, for me at least, is to train the body to just jump straight up as soon as the alarm goes off – that way I’m already standing & making the bed by the time the mind gets awake enough to go “hang on, what about 5 more minutes?”.  By then, it’s easy to ignore.

After the first few days, and especially allowing myself to go later on the weekend, another side benefit is that self-discipline is improving – and that helps out in all kinds of other areas of my life. I’m also getting through some of the changes to the site I’ve been wanting to make for a while.  Feel free to look around, or check out my twitter-stream for the short, sharp version of the trial.

A surprising side effect has been that after reading Steve Pavlina’s explanation of coffee, a side note in his Juice Feasting post, and how it’s a natural pesticide designed to disrupt the nervous system, I had intended to do at least 7 days without it – but later in the year, after I’d got used to early starts.  Well, that didn’t work.  I found myself not particularly wanting to drink it, thinking of it as “a cup of pesticide” and when I got part way through my 3rd day of not wanting it, decided just to bite the bullet and continue.  Today is day 5 without coffee.  I did have a shocker of a headache yesterday afternoon – so much so that my boss noticed & suggested I head off early – but am feeling better today.  I’m also getting through a lot more water, and finding that having juice of a morning – especially pineapple juice – makes for a much better start to the day.

Anyway, I’ve cheated slightly, doing this before my Simpleology Daily Target Praxis (DTP) so I’m heading off there to write my priorities down & get stuck in…

Oops!  My second alarm just went off.  That’s it for this morning then, got to go get ready for work.  Where does the time fly to?  As a side note, I’m definitely also learning to value it more highly, and getting a lot stronger sense of focus when I do set time aside.  I think that’s going to pay off hugely long-term too.  I’m still perfecting how to use it best though – although the DTP helps (when I don’t cheat and do something before it).  Anyway, I’m off.  catch you later!

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Allen Rinehart December 9, 2008 at 10:47 pm


Sounds like you’re getting some similar results to my trial. I started waking up at 5AM eight days ago and I have to say that it’s been one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. I found that the biggest motivator is having a very important reason to get up. You need something that’s going to get you out of bed.

My reason was starting my blog. I’ve never blogged before, but by the time I finish my month trial, I’ll have but in over 60 hours on the project. In a month, I’m able to done put in almost 2 work weeks and I still go to bed at the same time I did pre-early riser. Yayy! Here’s to people that wake-up early.

Here’s my inital post on the experiment:

I’m doing a conclusion on 12/30/2008



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