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istock_000000609908xsmallThe “Global economic crisis”, it’s being called now.  While I can’t argue with the extent of the problem, and the need for action, I really don’t like the media beat-up about how bad it is.  That can’t help us overcome the beliefs that put us in this situation, and anything that damages confidence is likely to hold us back from where we need to be: regaining our sense of financial security.

Since that’s an absolute pre-requisite for any recovery, I’d like to take a moment to present an alternative view: that you and your personal economy don’t necessarily have to walk in step with the ‘global’ one, or even your own country’s one.  In hard times, there are always people doing very well for themselves, just the same way you can find people struggling in the most prosperous economies.  Or to put it another way – the sheep that break away from the flock in search of greener pastures don’t care what the grass is like for everyone else.  They’re riding high on what they’ve hunted out for themselves.  Why not become one of those sheep?

First, the good news: a recession is the time when more fortunes are made than any other.

Now the bad news – and this will hold true long past this recession:  regardless of how the economy is performing, the biggest check on your income is always going to be your own ideas of what you’re worth.

You’ve probably noticed already…  It’s not how good you are that decides how fast or well you move up the food chain at work – we’ve all seen someone promoted that wasn’t the hardest worker, or even the best person for the job, and wondered why they got it, right?  Well, the short answer usually is that they believed in themselves strongly enough that they convinced the selection panel or interviewer to believe in them too.

Doubts can be crippling for promotion – and therein probably lies more than half of the reason for the ‘glass ceiling’ (but that’s another post).  On the other hand, confidence, like Goethe’s ‘boldness’ in the famous quote, has a magic about it that just seems to attract better things.  If you are truly, deep down convinced you deserve the best, regardless of what the rest of the world thinks, it’s highly likely the world will arrange itself to accommodate you.  After all, how else would you explain Paris Hilton?  😉

Here’s a fun exercise for you: Imagine you’re suddenly offered a job at 3x to 5x your current salary.  Honestly, now, tell me: how bad are the butterflies you’re feeling, and how quickly did your mind start looking for what could go wrong with the deal?  Congratulations.  You just uncovered one of your self-imposed limits!  Now you know it’s there, you can start stretching it a bit until you ARE comfortable with the idea, and even more, you think it’s strange you’re not already earning that much.  I look forward to hearing back from you what happens then…

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  • Kostin June 6, 2009 at 9:13 am

    Я больше 3х лет вплотную работаю над этим вопросом и думаю ваши доводы слишком поверхностными

    Google Translate: I was 3 years old up to work on this issue and I think your argument is too superficial

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