Days 28 & 29: Wrapping up & winding down

by Crystal on February 25, 2008

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30 Day Manifestation Trial – prelaunch Day 1 of the 30 Day Manifestation Trial

The cruise yesterday was absolutely amazing. I had the best time. Even managed to negotiate a gangplank and several sets of stairs on one crutch! I’ll upload the photos tomorrow once I compile them into slideshow format.

I’m almost sad that this trial is coming to an end. It’s been enlightening, amazing and eye opening all at the same time. I’ve had ups and downs, nothing new there, but this month has certainly seen a lot more ups than I usually get, and some of the health & emotional benefits I look forward to enjoying for a while longer, since I plan on integrating several parts of the trial into my regular routine. The abundance meditation is meant to be played for 45 days, so I’ll keep doing that, and of course, if I get any more amazing results over the next 2 – 3 weeks you’ll see them come up here. I expect I’ll be dropping back to only 1 or 2 posts a week, though, unless I come up with another ‘trial’ I want to do.

It’s been great for the discipline having this to keep me honest, I’d highly recommend the exercise to anyone else who’s thinking of playing with it…

I’m combining yesterday & today into one Checklist:

  • Manifestation course – Morning routine -> Yes except for exercise yesterday, missed most of it today when I slept in. A cruise with alcohol included tends to do that to you ;)
  • MP3 Audio lesson -> No for both days. Think I picked the wrong course to try and listen to, I have trouble relating to the voices. Oh well, it’s not as if I was doing nothing, right?
  • ‘Abundance’ guided meditation -> Yes, both days. This one’s a keeper!
  • 5mins of handbook -> Yes to yesterday, plan on doing it before sleep tonight.
  • 15m Dialog Exercise -> A little as the opportunity arose, but more like 3m than 15. I think this one works better if you have a manifestation partner. My partner’s a sceptic.
  • Watch $5k per day Subliminal Video at least twice, work on getting to 20m. Play Mind Movie, once or twice daily-> Did this yesterday before I left. Done it today – found how to set a timer using a little utility I have that opens the $5k video every 15m while I’m online. Combine it with setting real player to always stay on top and it works well. Neat.
  • Spend at least 1hr/day on my PC at home, to allow Motivator & Subliminal-Power software some time to work on me. -> Easy done, both days.
  • Blog update in evening & BWE track before sleep -> Yesterday was prearranged off, but I still did BWE. Tonight I’m catching up for both

  • Inspired Action: –> Got my video entry in yesterday morning for the Bestseller competition before I left. Would appreciate your ratings/views (less than 2 mins).
    Check it out at
    There was also a software download I found that lets me hunt down other blogs on the same topic – I found another 2 tools for manifestation I’m going to have to test out now. AFTER I finish with this lot, though, and individually. I think overall, though, after all the weird & wonderful ‘coincidences’ I’ve had over the past 30 days, I feel pretty safe saying that manifestation techniques do work, just sometimes not the way you’d expect them to!!!

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