Day 6 – countdown to scales is ON

by Crystal N on December 8, 2005

One more day to go, just one more day to go…
Hi-ho the derriere-goes, just one more day to go!

Weigh in for my first week is tomorrow, and I arranged an extra long lunch (in return for working back) from the office to come home. In that time I managed to FINISH THE INTERVAL WORKOUT!!!!! (Another December challenge down..) What’s even better, is that for the first 3 parts of it, I was at the higher end of the range – so I’m feeling pretty pleased. Anyway, I felt like it was a GREAT workout today and felt so good when I finished that interval training, I started thinking about “You know it’s a good workout when…”

* There are so many beads of sweat stuck in your eyelashes you can’t see upwards
* You don’t bother reaching for the hot tap in the shower afterwards
* By the time you get out and grab the towel, half of you has evaporated dry already!

I’ll post back on tomorrow with my results. I’ve got my grid paper all drawn up and ready to colour in how many pounds I’ve lost, and it’s up on the hallway wall so EVERYONE will see it – I plan on being very proud of that piece of paper…

Til then, take care,

December Self-Challenges:

  • 3×12 fitball crunches 5/week [on track]
  • finish interval training session on bike [DONE]
  • 30 mins on bike 3-5/week [on track]
  • 6+ glasses water 6 days/week [on track]
  • Clean out pantry & toss or give to charity [Fri]
  • Tell friends/family I want gym stuff instead of chockies/food [DONE]
  • lose 5lb total over month [FIND OUT TOMORROW...]

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