Day 30 and it’s over :(

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30 Day Manifestation Trial – prelaunch Day 1 of the 30 Day Manifestation Trial

It’s almost impossible for me to believe that I’ve done a whole 30 days of this. More, if you count the prelaunch stuff! Most of all, except for 2 days where I had other stuff on, I’ve been posting every day – and this with a day job and a whole heap of other things going on (a lot of which I think may have been helped along by this experiment!)

So, the final day. I had more sales come through, bringing my total to $242.60. I thought that was good, until I remembered back before Christmas, when my affiliate links started going gangbusters, and I racked up about $800 in credit (a lot of it yet to be paid out, pending instalments etc). I remembered thinking I was only $200 off earning my first thousand online. So, guess what I’ve just done!?! FOUR FIGURES IN ONLINE EARNINGS… Alright, it took me several months, but now I’ve started I think the momentum can be built on from here.

I’ve also learnt the biggest lesson ever, which is that what you get back is a perfect reflection of what you give out, in value, energy, time or whatever. So I am hereby declaring my online philosophy is to always seek new ways to overdeliver, and then take action on them. Please write or comment me if you have any ideas on this…

Final day Checklist:

  • Manifestation course – Morning routine -> Ran this without the exercise again, looking forward to being able to put those 20m back in there when my leg comes good. It’s amazing how time freezes when you’re immersed in pure joy and bliss. Gotta keep doing.
  • MP3 Audio lesson -> Nope. Obviously wasn’t so good an idea after all. The word “overcommitted” comes to mind.
  • ‘Abundance’ guided meditation -> Oh yes. The suggestion is to do it for 45 days straight, so I intend to keep going on this one too. Let you know if anything amazing happens between now and day 45.
  • 5mins of handbook -> Yes again. Now I’m going to drop a few of the other things, I think I can get through this one a bit quicker. Not to mention the manic ‘exercise’ part seems to be finished and this is all thought provoking but not so time consuming stuff now.
  • 15m Dialog Exercise -> No to this one, although it did work amazingly when I did it. I think the trick is to maybe manifest myself a manifestation partner???
  • Watch $5k per day Subliminal Video at least twice, work on getting to 20m. Play Mind Movie, once or twice daily-> Yes again. I started wondering would the $5k per day work better if I was watching it all in one session versus the 7 cycles I currently have it on. Might test that out for the next 15 days too.
  • Spend at least 1hr/day on my PC at home, to allow Motivator & Subliminal-Power software some time to work on me. -> Did this, but will ease up on having to do it every night, I think.
  • Blog update in evening & BWE track before sleep -> Obviously, skipped last night. Got a great night’s sleep regardless. I’ll try leaving these off for a bit now.

  • Inspired Action: –> Letting myself enjoy the night and ‘extend’ it a bit by refusing to call it quits until today. I also took action on another email, and checked my adsense account which I’d apparently not taken a final step to confirm. Over the past 2 years I’ve racked up an incredible $6.15. I wasn’t even sure if I should add that in, although since it’s kinda ‘appeared’ through this experiment I ended up doing it. $236.45 without.

So, I’ll talk to you guys again in about a week, I guess, when I wrap up with a summary of everything I achieved, learnt and experienced through this last month. It’s been a blast!

PS Please feel free to post suggestions what I can trial next!

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