Day 3 – getting the hang of it

Three days so far of doing my exercise bike and fitball crunches EVERY DAY. I even had another go last night at doing the interval training, but after all the other things I did yesterday (nearly filled a page of my training diary) I was too wrecked, so I satisfied myself with steady state instead. Thought I’d be lucky to push it to five, after I started, but I managed to push through to 15 minutes and over 130 calories, so that’s 45 minutes on the bike yesterday. I’m thinking what I might do is gradually build up how much I do each day until I’m at a good level to get the great results I see on the show (or something not drastically far behind it, anyway) – don’t think I’ll quite get up to 4-6 hrs a day just yet, like they do on the program, but I’ll keep on trying. I do have the first week of January off, my birthday included (yet another reason I’m being extra good now!) and I fully intend to spend most of that week down the local gym. Next step is to get myself a pass for the pool there, and start working that into the routine a couple days a week, starting with one half hour session and building up. Anyway, the crunches are either getting harder or I’m at the point where I’m actually building muscle down there – I think I’m pulling myself up higher but oh boy does it hurt more!!! Also getting very used to a numb behind from the bike, so am putting the pedometer on. Only had it on from 10 to 6 yesterday and still managed to get close to 9,000 steps in that time, which is great.

I’m looking forward to the weigh in, to see how well I’m on track to getting my December goal of 5 pounds. Since I’m rewarding myself with a day spa treatment of $10 per pound lost, I’m definitely hoping to better it, but wanted something realistic over Christmas so I didn’t discourage myself right from the start.I can see this exercise bike becoming a habit now, and the boyfriend’s not kicking up too much of a stink (pardon the pun) about me disappearing to do it morning and evening. This is going to be part of my lifestyle from here on in. It’s very conveniently parked in front of the TV, and this morning I had to call my sister back for a catch-up, so I parked myself on it to make the call (she was out, so I resorted to the music videos, which are always good)

Tell you what though, I have NEVER enjoyed a shower so much as when it’s just bordering on cool and I’m dripping hot sweat from a workout!!! Talk about feeling indulged…The diet’s becoming easier to follow now too, although I gotta admit, after serving up a tofu & wholemeal spaghetti meal the two of us were ‘flavouring the air’ for quite some time after. Suspect we’re neither of us used to getting that much fibre!!! The hardest part for me was getting all the meals in, after so many years of skipping – I did miss one lunch one day, because I was only just done with morning snack, but I’ve done my weekly shop (love the grocery lists) and have it all set up, and the rest of today I’m going to pre-cook as much as I can to make sure I have no excuses. I also think I’ve never seen this much fruit in the apartment EVER.I’m getting excited to see my results this week! It’s a whole new reason to look forward to fridays!!!

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