Creativity and a test ….

I stumbled on this video yesterday (via stumble video, funnily enough) and am absolutely blown away by the creativity some people have. This guy has taken the sounds of Windows XP and 98 – the really annoying beeps and chimes – plugged them into a music program and turned them into a short symphony! PS It starts a bit slow but it’s worth hanging on for that first bit – it gets really cool around 36s in…

Started me thinking (as usual). Are there annoyances in your life that you could turn into beautiful music by looking at them through a different framework?

Oh yes, and if you’re wondering what the ‘test’ part of the headline is – after the last few finds have gone onto TV, I’m going to be watching whether THIS video shows up on Today Tonight next week!!! (If it does, I might just approach them about finding this stuff for them a bit more regularly, and ask them to help me make a bit more of a dent in the mortgage in return.)

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