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by Crystal N on July 2, 2006

Long time ago since I wrote, but the day after my last post, work hired a new monitor so I could get back to work for them (of course with no allowance for having spent 3 months straining my eyes) and so of an evening I was so sore the computer was the last thing I wanted to see. I did end up going through a return to work plan, but the actual replacement monitor didn’t arrive until June, and it was smaller again, so I’m now back to having to take regular breaks and make sure I don’t strain my eyes any further. Having learnt the hard way that nobody else cares whether I take care of myself or not, except for how it impacts on them and what they want, I’m getting very good at drawing those boundaries, so now I’m being accused of having no work ethic. Can’t win, can you?

On the home front, I moved in to my new place in March. It was absolute chaos for a while, because of course I couldn’t get any time off work except for the one day entitlement for the actual move. My partner’s shift was changed, so he wasn’t able to help out as much as he thought he’d be able to, so I got very sleep deprived and stressed for a while there. Oh, and having been told that the owner was moving back, then told he might do work on the place before moving back, the flat went into the paper on the Saturday after I handed the keys in. Funnily enough, it’s only JUST been re-rented, so I suspect they might not have got quite as much as they were convinced they could get for it. Karma is a wonderful thing, right 😉

The last lot of boxes in my place are currently being unpacked – and that’s my books. Boy did I miss having easy access to those for the first month and a half, until I organised shelving to be installed in my ‘study’ room. I’m still waiting for a few more actual shelves to arrive to fit into the unit, but all in all, I’m pretty set up now. Having got the place in a great condition, the only thing now needing fixing is one of the stove elements which has split, so I’ll be chasing down a replacement in the next few weeks, but it’s an easy fix. It’s a good feeling watching the money you spend each fortnight accumulate towards your net worth instead of disappearing somewhere into someone else’s pocket. I’m VERY glad I made the move when I did.

On the health front, of course work has been very stressful between losing a good part of my vision for a while and until recently still running solo in a section that was originally staffed by 3 (we’re back up to 2, as of this week). There’ve been a few power games played as well, which haven’t helped, and of course now I’ve had my ‘secondary employment’ application revoked I’m not allowed actually run my website in any way, shape or form resembling a business – so it’s pretty much blogs until I either; a. get my approval back (not likely anytime soon), b. get a transfer and get approval there (possible, but not probable) or c. get out of government and get a job in the private sector where my own time is allowed to be my own timethat’s my preferred option at this stage.

Under the stress, I also ended up with a repeating bout of gastro which the Dr now suspects to be giardia, which was nasty for a while but lost me 2kgs in a day the last time round. Not that I’d recommend it to anyone as a weight loss method… But having to keep my foods pretty much simple so they stayed down has done wonders for my diet, and I’ve managed to keep it off even though I’m mostly up & running again. Hmm. Wonder what Louise Hay thinks gastro relates to? Must look that up, but it’s one of the books I’ve not unpacked yet, so I’ll have to check it out down the library or something.

As a way to ease myself back into eating, I’ve been following the recommendations in my latest book: Ultrametabolism by Dr Mark Hyman – I love how he explains all the background so clearly and it’s the FIRST book I’ve seen to include the research I heard about years ago where they found that even a water-only fast could still see weight put on when the subject was under stress! It’s linked at the side even though I’ve finished it and started on another, called “Fear is Power” – I’ll update you on that one after I’ve gone through it a bit more…

I also had a minor win this morning. This week is the first chance I’ve had to go back to the gym (Curves) since getting Gastro and being dehydrated as a result about a month ago. Over the past few days, though, I’ve also been working on some of my exercise DVD’s at home. I got the DVD workout for “The Biggest Loser” a few weeks ago, and the first time I put it in was only able to gasp my way through about 3 1/2 minutes of it. Last week I got up to 15 mins of it, and today – this morning – FINALLY got all the way through the first workout. Of course I went bright red in the process, but at least I’m now able to work my way through the one they call “low impact aerobics”. One workout down, another 3 to go! (Not in a hurry, I can tell you…) I’m determined to start fitting into some of the nice suits I got on sale last year that had the wrong size label on them, though, for the interviews I intend to have!

That’s about it for where I’m up to now. So, of the 3 things changing this year, I’ve done one, am on the road to the second, and actively working to bring about the third.
Wish me luck?


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