Bizarre Run of Luck

Today I won something for the second time in less than a week!  The first time, I won a $200 gift card that’s going to come in incredibly handy for Christmas Shopping.  This time, I have absolutely NO IDEA what I actually won 😉

Stu McLaren at

One of the people I like to follow on twitter (and via newsletter) ran a competition a few days back, on the most overlooked business tool.  I had a stab at it, or three, and a bit of fun in the process.  Thing is, right up front he announced that he had prizes – one for the first correct answer, one at random, but I didn’t remember what they were…

Well, one popular answer had already been given 4 times by the time I found the competition, but I got a bit creative and started thinking (as you know I love to do).  Today he put up a video announcing the winners, and the way I have my iGoogle page set up, it popped up for me while I was checking a few things at work.

Turns out the popular one was the right answer, so someone else got that.  Then he got someone to draw a name out for the second random winner.  My name got drawn, and I was trying hard not to get all excited (I was at dayjob, so they probably would have wondered what stats could possibly be that good) but as soon as I got home I raced online to check.

Oops.  No details up there.  I’ve won a MYSTERY PRIZE.  Can’t wait to see what it is – I feel like a kid again with one of those lucky draw bags, waiting to get it and open it.  This is WAY fun!

The really funny thing is, last night on the forums at I discovered a thread for a group doing a Law of Attraction 30 day trial, trying to manifest $20,000 for all involved.  I posted asking to join in (it started over a week ago), so this morning’s win was almost a bizarre (but fantastic) way to start that off.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that I’ve started entering way more competitions, but still, two in a week is definitely unexpected! …and yes, I did buy a lottery ticket this morning! <grin>

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