Back from Holidays…

by Crystal N on June 21, 2008

We never went to Adelaide before, so for our 6 years together we decided to head down there and check it out. It makes a very funny story…

To start with, when we got off the plane, the door into the airport was closed. We couldn’t get in. Knocking madly on it, we all joked around that maybe it was a sign. I’ve heard it said a few times since I got back, too. Someone else had the comment “Adelaide is obviously closed, lets all get back on the plane” Eventually someone did go back to the plane, but got them to call through and someone came down to open it. We got in. My leg (we had to check in the crutches – the airport attendant asked me “do you need them?” when she told me. Great question, eh?) was pretty sore from the vibration since I’d been located very close to the engines, so they had to hunt around for a wheelchair to bring me down to the carousels – they were also trying to turn the plane around and at one stage I got told I might have to wait another 20 mins until it was gone before anyone would be available, but they decided they could move me in relays. One bloke pushed me to a set of doors, through it, and left me for the other girl who was coming up to take me the rest of the way. She arrived and said “he left you here?”. In any case, I eventually got down where our luggage had come out, and the crutches had been left lying on the ground next to the carousel. After several minutes trying to get the tape off, I was mobile again…

(to be continued…)

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