Argh! Where did the millennium go?

Usually this time of year I start moaning “where has the year gone”. This year, I’ve gone one better. I can’t believe that it’s nearly 10 years since 1999! (I did have one heck of a new years eve party at Byron Bay that year, but it wasn’t THAT good!)  It seemed like the end of an era, but I think I’ve blinked and missed most of the new one, somehow… oops? Did I misplace a millennium???

Anyway, being that time of year, it’s time for my backward review, and forward planning.  Apologies if I go quiet for a few days – that’ll be why.

My absolute all time favourite resource for this is an amazing book I got hold of through a friend in network marketing about 10 years ago now, but didn’t start appreciating until only a few years back.  It’s called “Your Best Year Yet!” by Jenny Ditzler – well worth a trip to the library if you haven’t seen or got it already.  I’m planning on tucking myself up at Gloria Jeans tomorrow after work (and treating myself to a Cookies and Christmas indulgence…) with a notebook and my copy to get started on the process.

I’ll see you in a few days, with the results – definitely before next year, though!


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