Are You Chasing What’s Already In Your Pocket

iStock_000008791096XSmall There’s a lot of dreams out there.  More than there are people.  You see a whole lot of them online, but lately I’ve started looking a bit closer to home – and realised a bit of my own stupidity.

Here’s the thing: my dream is to have both time and money enough to enjoy my life.  From the piles of books on my shelf, I’ve done exercise after exercise in working out and writing down an exact picture of what that looked like – how much I wanted to have earnt and saved, what things I’d spend my day doing (tough one, since I want the freedom to be impulsive and NOT do the same things each day), even lately working out what I would offer out to the world, to allow these things to flow to me in return.  But when it boiled down to it, the feeling or experience I was after was simply: time plus money for enjoyment.


When I took some time out over Christmas, spent time with my family, had a week off work, and ran around organising to connect with the people I love, I had exactly what I’d been aiming for.  I didn’t suddenly achieve it, all I did was let go of the chase for a little while.  Idiot me had been throwing my precious time, money and freedom into the pursuit of what I already had, if I only let up on hunting for it.

Obviously I missed the fact that I was already walking through the forest, because I was too busy looking for more trees.

I added that one into my New Years Resolutions.  I’ll be spending a bit less time online this year, as I take time each day to savour and appreciate what I already have.

Please, take a moment to forget that you’ve got a dream you’re chasing.  Relax into where you are now.  If you’re not somewhere close to where you dream of getting, are you at least in a scaled down version of it?  Maybe it’s worth taking some of that time you put into the chase, and redirecting it to enjoying what you already have.  What do you think?

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