Another funny "Secret" story

It’s many years ago now, but when I was a struggling student (still) looking for jobs, I stumbled across a website that offered an audio program that was meant to help change your brainwave patterns to make your affirmations more effective. There were a few demo tracks online, so, not having speakers, I sat up close and listened, eagerly repeating to myself “Money will now come to me. Money will now come to me.”

A week or more went by, with no tangible result, except that I got an offer to interview for a job that sounded like a dream, in Sydney. Actually, it was in the same suburb as my brother was working – Chatswood. I accepted (of course) and travelled up, spending over 2 hours chatting with the interviewer. A good sign, thought I, innocently thinking I might finally start earning some real money. I came out late enough that I called my brother to see if he wanted to meet for lunch. Sure, he said, and we arranged to meet at a cafe near the railway station.

Walking up the mall towards it, I noticed a camera crew set up right next to the only table left. I grabbed it, and while I was waiting for my brother to show up, racked my brains for the name of the presenter who was walking up the street towards the camera, filming for his show. My brain had gone blank, though, and I just couldn’t place him.

Alan arrived, and went in to order. As he did, I asked him if he could recall the name of the guy being filmed. He took one look, told me it was Paul Clitheroe, and went in to order.

It clicked. Paul Clitheroe hosted a TV show here called “Money”, and lo and behold, was walking right up the mall towards me. Money literally was coming to me!!!

PS If you’re interested in the audios, they’re no longer available as standalone. The guy who offered them was Bob Doyle, was one of the people on the Secret DVD, and the tracks are now part of a bigger program that costs almost the same as my original CD purchase. Click here to check it out.

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