An Embarrassing Confession

by Crystal on March 18, 2013

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My Wii Fit has taken revenge on me.  After letting it gather dust while I got caught up working long hours for the last few months, I’ve had to put up with the ultimate payback.  It told me I was over the weight limit. (Translation: get off me!!)

When you’re reduced to putting down the controller in the hope it will squeeze you back under the weight limit, and then even that starts to fail you, there’s no way you can deny the fact that you’ve porked up a bit.  Ironically, in my case, on a vegetarian diet.

In my defense, chocolate is vegetarian too.

So, I’ve had my wake up call. I have to put my health first, and DO something about this.

I’m on a learning curve.  I’ve learnt some of the things that help me lose weight over the years I’ve struggled with it, but not yet worked out how to make shifts that are sustainable long term.  Now, I’m going to have to.  I could do another 30 days raw and drop maybe 10kg, but that wouldn’t fix the problem.  While I love raw food, the weather’s turning cold and this is the time of year it gets hardest to follow.  There’s a lot of really nice cooked food that I’d still love to be able to try and, possibly more importantly, share with my partner – who has absolutely no interest in going raw.  So, while raw is going to be part of my strategy, I’m more interested in just increasing it than targeting some magical percentage number.  That might come in later, but right now it’s about making sure I can keep going along the road back to health.

After a bit of a knee jerk response to that hideous moment when the scales refused to work anymore, I’ve successfully got myself down to just under the limit (149.8kg – and I had to put the controller down to do it).  I’ve bought a year long “Personal Training and Workout Diary” and taken my measurements.  Not being attached to any gym I haven’t filled out the initial Fitness test, although I did delay starting to use it for a few weeks while I tried to arrange that. Unsuccessfully, of course.  Then I discovered my bathroom scales that were also supposed to cut off at 150kg were now showing 150.9kg, and I decided there’d been enough procrastination… it was time to get started.  It also didn’t hurt that when I downloaded an app to my smartphone to track all this on the go, called myfitnessbuddy, I discovered that it still had records of the last time I’d used the site, either on the web or in a PDA version, I don’t remember.  It was 2006, back when all the workplace bullying issues started.  I thought I had problems then, but now I wish I was only 127kg!  That’s now one of my goals, but for the moment I’m targeting getting nicely under that “too heavy” level so I can use the fit board again and add more exercises back in.

Diet alone, of course, won’t get me there.  Exercise is going to be part of this process too, hence the diary (which records both).  I recently bought an ebook from a guy I have a lot of respect for, about a beginner fitness routine that involves 30m of walking daily, but gives great results.  I don’t have a treadmill to follow it, but after reading through it seems to be similar to several interval training programs I’ve done, so I’ve converted the treadmill program to my exercise bike to give it an initial go.  I would do the walking, but leaving at 5am and getting home late I really don’t have a convenient time I can do it.   Yet.  I’m still trying for a local job.

In the interests of full disclosure, though, there is ONE place in Sydney I’m still applying to, despite the fact it would involve even more travelling.  Every time I’ve had anything to do with the people there, I’ve ended up pumped and wanting more, and everything I’ve heard just makes me keener to get in.  The applications I put in for local jobs are based on working closer to home and having more time to chase my dreams.  The applications I put in for this place are because working there would BE realising a dream.

So, the plan of action is to try to do my beginner exercise routine at least 4 or 5 days this week.  It starts out with 15m, then grows as you get fitter.  I’m being brutally honest in the fitnessbuddy app with the food diary, and of course I have the zeo I treated myself to last time it went on sale, to manage the sleep side of things.  This year is going to be the one where I finally achieve my own transformation, a la ‘Extreme Makeover’ (I love that show).  Wish me luck?

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