Adelaide wrapup (almost, maybe..)

The most interesting thing about that cruise, aside from the fact that the birds were so thick on some of the trees that they looked like flowers, was the little gem of info we were told about how the Murray river actually cycles through periods as low as it is now, according to the traditional caretakers of the land (I don’t know the name of the tribe, sorry).  So all the media hype about how it’s dying and a symptom of climate change may not necessarily be accurate.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big believer in taking action (so long as it’s intelligent, and won’t make the problem worse, unlike some policies) but it does seem someone should have talked it out with the people who have the longest memories of what’s normal and not, considering we’ve been here only just over 200 years.  Not long at all, in geographical terms.

Anyway, the bus picked us up again afterwards, took us up to lunch, after which we had some time to wander before the next leg of the trip.  At one point, we went up to a lookout and saw the high tide mark of the river – and it seemed way up from where the boats were…  The driver knew heaps of little gems, and she’d share lots of stories with us (we had her the next tour, too) and before the day was over she and the bloke were in a ‘give as good as you get’ competition for the worst puns you can imagine.  They seemed to be enjoying themselves, at least!

With a ‘day off’  the next day from scheduled activities, we ended up having a bit of a late night for dinner, walking quite a distance down the Rundle St Mall to the other end, where we decided on Indian.  It was nice, but it was VERY nice to get back to the hotel, because I hadn’t thought to take my crutches with me.  At least I knew I could rest up a bit in the morning, before we headed off to check out Glenelg, which was what we’d planned on doing.

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