Adelaide Holidays Part 4

by Crystal N on June 28, 2008

We’d only booked 2 nights in the spa suite, the rest of the time in a normal room, so after dinner I decided I was going to use it again, regardless of how tired I was. He, on the other hand, couldn’t be bothered. So, I2 person spa - mmmmmm! had a 2 person spa filled up to the level I wanted it, all to myself. Oh boy was it bliss. It was so bliss that the book I brought in with me stayed on the shelf beside me, totally ignored. I floated, I played with where the jets went, I twisted to get to the best angle for the ones I couldn’t figure out how to move, etc etc. You get the picture, anyway. It was absolutely heaven. Penthouse apartment room in a hotel – I could DEFINITELY get used to the life…

Anyway, I made the mistake of telling him how nice it was. So, as I got to the stage that would have made a prune jealous, he got in. I did, afterwards, get an admission from him that I’d done the right thing. Nice to be acknowledged! Anyway, despite having the tour tomorrow morning, as well as checkout, I wasn’t too worried about packing up and just crashed out instead. I didn’t actually have too much to worry about anyway, since we’d only had the 2 nights I hadn’t bothered with unpacking most of it in any case.

In the morning, we used the apartment facilities and had some single serve breakfast things that he’d picked up down the road yesterday afternoon. We decided not to bother with the last of the garlic damper. Or with the leftover weis bar in the freezer that we’d got on the way home from the pancake place the night before (I had mine for dessert, but he wasn’t bothered). Took our time but got downstairs easily before 8.30, where the girl was a bit flustered about how she’d arranged late check out for us but even so there’d be a delay while the other room got ready. We told her not to worry, we were doing a day trip. The look of relief on her face was priceless! Obviously, they took their service standards to heart…

She asked if we’d used anything from the minibar, and we told her no, we’d actually left the fridge with more than when we checked in – besides the milk there was a weis bar in the freezer. She mentioned her favourite was mango, which, funnily enough, was what was left up there… along with a half bottle of Verdi wine I’d had while he had a few beers. She said she’d put the bottle aside for us to pick up, so we told her to help herself to the weis bar. (I still reckon that’s why we got into such a nice room for the rest of the trip – the view was out over the North Terrace, on the 13th floor (lucky we’re not superstitious!). Double size shower, solid walls around the bedroom so his snores in front of the tv wouldn’t keep me from dropping off… well, ok, and mine wouldn’t interrupt his program either. Small balcony, Dishwasher, the whole kit and caboodle. I liked.) In any case, I’m getting ahead of myself here. We checked out and left the suitcases with them before the bus (not so mini this time, although the stairs into it were!) arrived to pick us up for our full day trip this time. Since it was, I took the crutches just in case.

The second apartment roomWe were getting very familiar with the routine by this stage. Around to the depot, off the bus, wait for the bus to pull in for our tour, and jump on. This time we also had to check that they had me down as a vegetarian, since we’d gone the meal option. Turns out, they didn’t have us down for the meal at all! Lots of running backwards & forwards by the bus driver later, we had it mostly fixed, and I had to make notes when they got to the bit where they had us pick from the menu. Finally, we were off. Today was a tour called “Northern Highlights”. Oh boy, had they crammed lots of stuff into it. Way too much, in some respects – so I’ll deal with it next post…. Stay tuned!

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