Hello and welcome to CrystalsQuest.

What is my Quest:

…to find a way to support myself online – ethically – and leave the day-job.

Sounds easy, right?  Well, although there’s certainly no shortage of offers online promising to help you achieve that (and I’ve bought a whole heap of them) it turns out that it’s not actually about a set of skills, tips or ‘secrets’, as much as it’s about a personal journey.  A journey to develop the confidence and courage to live without the security of a paycheck.

Where am I up to

Several years ago, I got my first main hobby website up to where it was earning about $100 US a month.  It’s a long story, but I was offline for a few years, and had to start again.  I’m not quite back there yet.  I’ve only had the odd commission payment, which, ironically, I can’t cash (costs more to cash a US$ cheque here than it’s worth).  It seems to be a bit of a slow journey, especially since I refuse to believe the stuff in the courses that says “the only way to make money from a blog is through ads, ads, or more ads”.  I want to find a better way.  Or at least I want to make sure that my site doesn’t get filled up with flashy, intrusive gimmicky ads (ugh!).  You’ll probably see me trialling all kinds of alternative approaches here…

The good part is, as well as seeing me trial things on the site, you’ll also get the feedback on how it works – if you’re looking at taking a similar journey yourself I’d hope you’d get something to make your path a bit easier too.

Who am I anyway

My name is Crystal and I’m a new age philosophical techno-geek addicted to personal development. 🙂 My extra special interest is in conscious evolution – finding the lessons in every day life and using them to become a better person.

I explore the meaning of life, the universe and everything in these pages, as I work towards my end goal. You’ll get a mix of philosophy, testing new ideas, and generally discovering as much as possible about how everything works – myself included. Hopefully you’ll find something that resonates with you, too.

How to keep updated

You can keep up to date with the site via RSS or email using the form to the right, or for short notes (140 characters or less) look for me on Twitter (@crystalsquest).  There’s no cost involved with either.  Also feel free to add comments to any posts you like – I love getting those!  (the form will ask for your email so the site doesn’t get clogged with spam, and so I can answer you if I need to.  You won’t be signed up to anything from it unless you ask to be.)

I look forward to travelling with you!

Best Wishes,